Nearby towns and merchants

Merchants and nearby towns who would not?

Yes, I was playing in my town and then made according to the chef of globins, they walked through my city and sat at the bonfire, was when I thought it would be cool to have neighboring cities where we could have sellers in our cities to sell objects for nearby cities or otherwise.


Oh Yes!

And this totally leaves opportunity for selling/trading items in bulk and more complex.
Maybe you could even hire some hearthlings to do actions for you? (Construction, Mining, Farming Ect.)
And then if you have achieved the overall nearby town’s respect you could buy it out?
This sounds really cool! :smiley:

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Trading is pretty basic right now, but more is coming. There will be a neutral faction and stuff.

I know it would be awesome to have an actual Hearthling Merchant arrive at our settlement along with their mule / merrchant cart and pick up the sold goods or unload those being bought from their “merchant storage”.

We would further need our Hearthlings to acomodate those being unloaded back into proper storage.

We could even have a special “in transit” zone for inbound / outbound goods and a Merchant profession who could have a special backpack to further handle and store these. ( Bring items from / to storage to / from “in transit” zone )

We would even need to establish a “safe” route to a map border to do so in order to secure trade through defense and questing, but that’s another story …

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You mean yak drawn cart

I do know there will be the bunny faction, which will be neutral to you at first. I assume there will be some system in place to trade with them later down the line.

I think having actual traders moving around would make the trading seem a lot more satisfying (as of right now they show up a little bit too frequently). I’d love to see all the current notification events (traders, passing travelers, very demanding goblins) be actual characters that visit your town.

Plus how cool would it be to see a goblin warchief show up outside your town shouting demands?