Heroes and Vendors

Would love see something implemented to this

How it works

If you have crafters aka your town vendors. Heroes would pop in like the same with traders, that would offer gold for items. But only for weapons and armor and even potions.

Later if possible have them actually show up in town at a vendor stall.

Random element of the game same as traders and caravan

Expanded, maybe they offer their services for say like 3 days. Then they leave.


I’m generally in favor of mixing the vendors up a bit more. This is true for the ones that show up by themselves (e.g. have the mason cart not only sell only stone things, but also only buy stone related things) as well as for the vendors you can call at the market stall. Preferably this depends on the placed stall, so you can a) call a specific vendor (e.g. you need wood now, so you call that guy, not the food merchant), and b) it really gives you the incentive to build a big, well, market! :smiley:

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I like the idea of a warrior coming in to town and offering to help stave off the enemy for a few days in return for some gold and a place to sleep. Makes me think of 13th Warrior (excellent movie if you haven’t seen it, and the book is good as well). As long as it isn’t a permanent ‘purchase a bad ass hearthling’… that could also be nice, but feels kinda cheap. Making it for a few days or a week seems like a nice way to make it an interesting experience without becoming overpowered.

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just having him walk to the town would also clear up some roaming enemies even without pay.
Would be cool if he had a small chance of turning on you (like turning hostel or taking a grab out of the treasury )

I believe the main reason the mason seller guy visits our town is to get rid of his stone related stuff in exchange for something else. I doubt he’d want even more stone related stuff.

True - maybe vendors could have a cap of money which they are willing to spend? And/or a preference of items they are looking for which they would be willing to pay more for, while other items they would not be willing to pay as much for.

Well, that is surely open for debate… If he’s just a traveling merchant, then yes, probably he’d prefer some variety in what he sells. But considering that he a) so far only sells stone things and b) is actually called “Someone’s mason cart”, I believe he’s a specialized vendor, so why wouldn’t he buy more stoney things, to keep his focus on stone wares, and sell them on to the next village he visits? ^^

This might get a little out of hand now, but it would be awesome to have even some bit of “economic simulation” in the background. The player always keeps buying all the wood? The prices should slowly increase. The player always sells of tons of stone tables and garden gnomes (that’s what I tend to do ^^)? Those prices should drop until merchants don’t even take them anymore. This would obviously strongly encourage trade-oriented gameplays to keep a stock of a variety of things, to be able to sell the most profitable things at any given time. :smiley:

And since we’re already getting a little crazy here, let’s step even further into the realm of unnecessary overkill, and synchronize this behavior (through Steam or the SH servers directly) with all other players to maintain a global “Hearthdex”! :nerd:


Haha, that IS a little crazy, but i like it : ).