Job Change and Shops ideas

Just a few ideas in relation to the most recent post on the Stonehearth blog, feedback is appreciated :smile:

  • Not that it’s an important issue, but when you’re putting a carpenter or anything down to a lower class (eg. Worker) then the GUI should say “Demote to _____” instead of promote. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I think with changing jobs, I noticed the item instantly dropped next to him, and the carpenter kind of bugged out. Perhaps, making it so that the promoted worker will drop off the old promotion item in a stockpile, to maybe stop that little bug? :slight_smile:
  • Rebuy seems to be a necessary tab for the merchant window - seriously consider it’s placement, however, this will go hand in hand with my other idea.
  • Merchants should change their stock after every few days or so, maybe every 72 hours? Maybe put a timer on the left of the “Buy” buttons, and also make all sold items under the rebuy section get removed upon the restock.

Just a few thoughts :slight_smile:


Some very good suggestions. The “promote” button was getting me as well.

I’m going to guess that the shop merchant will come for a limited time and then leave, similar to the other merchant/trader scenarios. Then when they come back they might have different items to sell. Kind of how real life merchant caravans worked.

At least that was my impression of it. If that’s how it is, i think a name change might be needed, I don’t quite see the term “shop” to be totally fitting.

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Yeah, I was even thinking that they could change stock whenever a caravan or trader comes along :slight_smile: So much potential there

[quote=“FiredHigh, post:3, topic:8032”]
So much potential there[/quote]
My first thought was about killing all caravans coming to my opponent in multiplayer, so he doesn’t get the cool stuff… :smiley:
Am I evil? :frowning: :slight_smile:


Haha that would bring a very interesting gameplay mechanic for multiplayer! I would love AND hate that at the same time! :stuck_out_tongue:

What else can be done with gold besides just buying from caravans? Obviously, it’ll be another thing to attract goblins (and other greedy enemies - like thieves!) if you leave it out in the open/hoard too much.

Perhaps interloping travelers besides caravans might be added; random questing adventurers (player-controlled or otherwise) who can interact with the town by visiting player-designated “shops”. You automatically offload goods to paying patrons, and receive gold in return. It’d be a nice way to populate your town/the world in a part-time basis without overburdening your villager count, and reduce constant micromanagement of spamming “Sell, sell, sell!” on your excess goods later in the game.


What if we, potentially, had a square-like cutoff of a large stone wall, with a gate, where the caravans and travellers would come from, would that be an interesting way of having visitors instead of the generic “appear out of the void” approach?

This might be a bit too complicated to implement, but I think instead of you having direct control over how gold is spent that the villagers should be the ones that use the gold to purchase goods or pay for services that they want to.

For example, one villager has a shop. She pays someone to transport goods to her shop from, say, a farm. The farmer sells the crops he makes and then uses those coins to buy something he wants in turn. In other words, in-game economics. Buying or selling goods to traders has the potential to increase the flow of money in your economy, and so on and so forth.

These ideas may be too fantastical though. In the realm of something more realistic to hope for, I think a type of Bank would be a great idea for protecting your village’s wealth.

Maybe in something like mid game when you have an economy, there’s a Banished styled market. Basically you allocate supplies to it that need to be transported there for sale, or can do maintain x amount in the market stockpiles for things like food to be sold.


That will probably be the ideal way of doing it @chrismlepage. I still would like it to progress a bit further than that to where each villager owns more of their own stuff and therefore generate their own wealth. Each villager claiming a bed for their own is already a great step in this direction IMO, and implementing that further, such as with buildings and furniture, would be great to have.

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