Lumberjack, Miner and Trader

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I was thinking that the worker class is slightly over generalised. The workers do too many things that could be attributed to other more specific classes. This is why I would suggest making workers build and haul but nothing else. These other jobs (e.g Mining) could be replaced by people with that specific objective as their job. For instance the Lumberjack needs an axe to promote. Their workshop could be a sawmill. You could allocate trees you want him to cut down. Upgrades could be extra speed, replanting buffs,gets a cart at level 3, auto replant at level 4… The miner would need a pickaxe to promote.His workshop could be a mine entrance that has to be placed on a mountain? Upgrades could include larger carts, helmet torch, mass mining and so on. Then we get to the trader. The trader is not a replacement of the worker function. Instead it would begin a journey disappearing off the edge of the map with specific orders given by you. It will visit other townships, maybe those already mentioned in the game like the town where Mer Burlyhands is from. (Of course similar fro Rayyas Children). They will go and purchase items that you have asked him to purchase. He could also sell items to the places. They would then come back and put the loot in storage and await further instructions.
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Great ideas! Never even occurred to me that the workers themselves could use a bump other than a new outfit lol.

Folks are often looking for a Lumberjack/Forester type job, that would be incredibly popular and I like this version. The Trader needing a path to the edges of the map would encourage players to build roads and make sure their Trader had a safe path or an escort. Would definitely add some extra challenge to the game. The trader could also be given a pool of common, uncommon, and rare furniture/decorations that can only be acquired through their trades. Would be random, but encourage players to keep trading.

It is an interesting idea! The only thing I’d worry about would how slowing mining would be if only 1 hearthlings worked on it at a time. It feels like it takes a long time to mine large areas with 5 workers…

It would be nice to have someone replanting trees automatically. Especially when in the desert!


A miner could take out several blocks at once instead of just one, and it doesn’t mean the worker class has to stop mining or cutting trees but they wouldn’t specialize in it and wouldn’t get the same results.

A miner for instance would be an expert and they wouldn’t destroy ore as they mined meaning a better yield. They might have the ability to prospect ore from enough stone given time also.

A lumberjack would produce more wood from a tree because they wouldn’t be damaging it as badly as a worker might in trying to chop it down.


Wow - never really thought about such a thing either. I think it would be cool where there would be such classes, and maybe even having to craft their tools (axes and picks in the case of lumberjacks and miners) and maybe, there could be a different worker class which take care of transportation of good to and from crafting stations. There could be a builder class too!. They could all have perks too. I think that a general “does everything with no perks or special features” class should still exist however as the early towns (7,8,9, … 10, etc. people) wont be large enough for the diversification of the town’s jobs, especially on harder difficulties where a good chunk of the population early on would be footmen.
That’s my two cents on the topic, very interesting I must say :grin: