New Class: The Woodsman

The Woodsman

Role: Like the farmer, can plant and harvest, but instead of food, its wood. Have a zone for a woodsman to plant trees and over time harvest them to keep a steady wood income.

Tool: Woodsman’s Axe, Specially made by the Blacksmith (or randomly given like the wooden sword or farmer’s hoe at the beginning)

Reason for having: Incase you want to build in an open area but dont want your citizens to keep running far away to get wood and risk getting picked off by goblins.


Hmm, I’ve read some similar ideas around the forum.
So far I’ve found that the prefered idea is not a woodsman, but more a “forester” of some sort!
Someone who plants trees in a certain area, but does not get them himself.

Hmmm, interesting suggestions, i think, you can define an area as does the trapper.

Found the main topic.