Chop! Chop! Timber! (plus a little on mining)

Just so this doesn’t cause an uproar if I don’t say this, yes I know this game is in development.

So recently after watching the live stream where regular workers can mine I started to think about the worker class in general, and that got me to think about the system where workers can chop down any tree and use the logs to build.
First I thought that if the workers were limited to only being able to cut down oak and juniper trees then if they do add more tree types then the worker should be able to cut those down to.
So my first suggestion is a LumberJack class that can cut down the oak and juniper trees plus more tree types they could add, then they would limit the worker class to only being able to chop down the starting two tree types (oak and juniper). Their axe would be created by the blacksmith so it takes time to get the class.
Then I thought a little more about the spawning on trees and then came up with my second suggestion which is that trees should spawn in groves of say 7 to 10 trees is a circle area that are all the same type of tree and then these groves are spawned next to each other, this could help incorporate ents :wink: by having a fake grove of this monster. Oak and juniper groves would be more common so that you can start the game off easier. Also this could help implement the new tree types and biomes because you could then specify spawning zones and areas these groves can only spawn in.

After all that wood thinking I wanted to suggest one thing about the workers. They should be able to help mine into regular stone but the miner class should be the only one that can mine ores just like how my lumberjack class is the only one that can chop down higher tree types than oak and juniper.

If you got any suggestions put them below! I would love to see them!

Quite an interesting idea, however the other types should be more rare, as too many of them would get in the way of construction.

Since they would be more rare, it would also make sense for their price in the economy to go up, making the lumberjack a valuble class in the game, as workers can already chop down trees

My only concern is a “shortage” of citizens.


Well the thing is the lumberjack class would almost be a early-mid game thing. I would believe that around then enough people will join your town, and who knows there could eventually be a new way to get citizens.

I guess you would have to implant this idea later when more features are added.

The idea with the ents and special groves is great and I’d like to see that, but I don’t know how much a specialized logger class is going to add. If the logger can function as a worker and build like a carpenter when idle, then fine. However since logging, especially special and rare trees, isn’t always happening, a dedicated logger class would be idle too often and not add much value. So I too am concerned with citizen shortage.

The only other way to really add value to any class with specialized logging capabilities is if the special woods have special attributes. Say, usage in wands or something. Or maybe if they dropped additional resources, say, resin. Currently while the game has distinction between oak and juniper there is no functional difference, and special trees that are hard to remove but don’t add value would just be a nuisance.


I like the idea of grouping trees to a circular spawn but they can spawn within the area of another but not ontop only overlaping say 25% and the lumberjack would have to bring more to the table I like what @hirokitkichiro suggested on this finally mining yes workers should be able to mine dirt and sure why not stone but they are way slower and can only go so deep compared to an actual miner this way it still makes someone want to make one you can do this with the lumberjack as well make it so they can cut faster than a worker and a worker should be able to cut every type of tree

I agree with @hirokitkichiro in the sense that the lumberjacks would be idling way too much if the trees are rare. I think this is a great idea, though, it just needs some thought to be put into it. Maybe instead of having a specific “lumberjack” class, the carpenter can start to cut these trees at a certain level?

Assuming these new trees aren’t used for building, and they are used for crafting certain items, they would probably be used for something in the late game. Since trees are essentially just wood, it would make sense for the carpenter to take it upon him or herself to chop down the tree to craft something out of it. Let’s just take the idea of wands needed being built from a certain type of “magical” wood to create a wizard class. The wizard class will most likely not be able to be used until late game, so it would make sense that you would need a high level carpenter (let’s say level 5) to make it. Once the carpenter reaches level 5, he could chop down the rare magical tree to use it’s special resource.

Hope this helped out a little. I think the idea of ents and trees spawning naturally would be nice to be implemented into the game too.

I think that is way better hats off to you sir :smile:


Agreed. All for having multiple abilities especially until we reach the point of having an absolute ton of villagers. Even then, managing 50 specific classes would be such a clutter; think about how complicated the GUI would become even if you subdivide into many menus and sub-categories. There’s just a lot of combinations that make sense and don’t warrant multiple classes: The ability for a carpenter to work with multiple aspects of wood (building, gathering, carving) is one of them.