New Class: Forester

So, I’m one of those guys who likes to deforest an entire map then start over sometimes.

With the forester you can set upto a 49x49 area that a hearthling can plant saplings into. Said saplings would be specified similarly to the Farmers, eg. a drop down window with Oak or Juniper.

The Forester-axe would be made with a blacksmith consisting of: 2 Steel ingot, 1 Silver Ingot, 2 Wood, and a Farmer’s Hoe (being the most complex item to make in the game :p)

Planting Mechanics:
A forest needs at least a 7x7 are to plant a sapling, because of the chance of becoming an ancient tree. So, having a 49x49 area would allow for 49 saplings to be place in the area.

How it would level up:
Every sapling planted would get 4xp. Each tree chopped would give xp based on the type.
Small: 10xp, Medium: 15xp, Large: 20xp, Ancient: 30xp.

Forester Skills:
Level 1: Move 10% faster, and plant both Juniper and Oak trees.
Level 2: Chop 25% faster.
Level 3: Hold up to 12 logs at a time
Level 4: Trees grow 10% faster
Level 5: 1% chance for a tree that is planted to instantly grow and become an Ancient Tree of their respective type.
Level 6: When chopping an ancient tree; there is a 10% chance of harvest a magic log.

Magic logs would be required to make magic weapon later down the road.

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