Forester - auto forest and de-forest (harvest) an area

It could be a profession for a level 2/4 Farmer, but would it not be cool if the game could have a mechanism for steady supply of wood?

I’ve been playing the game for some time now, since Kickstarter, but did only recently get into “hard mode”. I’ve stopped using trapper, its scary beyond the treeline :stuck_out_tongue: But I also run low on wood. I see this in my easy/sandbox games too. I get so far down the road I’ve exhausted the area around my village to a point where it makes sense to plant some trees.

This is boring stuff doh. Having the farmer plant trees, wait for them, and once they are ready search thru my stockpiles to find and place them.

Would it not be better to have the farmer, or a forester (new profession suggestion) to have a designated area like the farms but on the size of stockpiles to plant threes? The farmer/forester would look for trees in the stockpile, if any go and plant them in the designated zone. Having him cut it when its fully grown would also be cool.


This is a good idea, but I find that you do not need new job for it. The workers can do that too.

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Yeah, agree. The farmer could also do this. The forester part was just something from Settler III :slight_smile:

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I was thinking Banished :slight_smile:

Banished is also awesome, but there you have the woodcutter too. A farmer/Forester could do the same job; plant the trees and the cut them down when they are at max. The player always has the option of chopping them any time with the tool ordering idle workers to do it I imagine.

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Awesome idea and definitely would fit the game well! It would be cool if there was a way so you could stagger the harvest time across zones too so you could set it up that while the forester is planting one zone, another zone is saplings, another is mid size trees and another zone is full size trees. I used to live in an area with a lot of forestry industry and this is how they did it!