[Mod request] Forestry

I found that my village always lacks wood. And I have to be distracted all the time to manually plant and chop trees.

In many games where there is deforestation, there is also a profession of a forester who grows new trees.

It would be great if someone made a mod with a new profession of forester.

As I see it:

  1. You must specify an area (50x50 or more)
  2. Select the type of tree. Need to think about how the trees will be limited. You can choose everything, but will be planted only if there are available seeds or seedlings. Or limit the choice depending on the available trees from the farmer.
    2.1 The ability to choose all to create a mixed forest.
  3. The forester plants the selected type from seeds or seedlings.
  4. In the process of growth, he takes care of the plantation, fertilizing, watering and other ways to accelerate growth.
  5. As soon as the tree grows, the forester cuts it. After that, he needs a day or two to prepare the soil. For example, remove the stump :slight_smile:
  6. Then the process repeats.
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code wise it could be done in mutliple ways, abuse the trappers system, or do something with farmer-style code.
i forsee one problem though: it would constantly produce wood. and if you dont pay attention for a bit there would be a crapton of wood cluttering up your town., what d oyou build that takes up so much wood i wonder :’)?

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Like in a mining here can be a suspend button. Or some way to limit max wood after that he will stop to growth new one.

Various fittings, signs and stuff for sale :slight_smile:

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I may take a look at it, but I’m only juuust getting into the modding scene, so it may take a bit before I can. If anyone else wants to give it a go though, go right on ahead, I think it’s a good idea :merry:

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Mod can be implemented as part of the ACE. So the group working on it can help each other while developing and sharing their experiences. But I do not know who to mention to bring their attention :slight_smile:

Before the ACE release can be released as a separate mod to catch all the bugs and test the implementation.

i think this is more of a mod-mod thing, not something for the ACE
seeing as there is nothing actually -wrong- with the current version of doing it (you just have to plant some trees after cutting em down)


You’re not the first person to want this. LOL I made a post about it myself.


So we need someone who will made it :smiley:

Can always be balanced on the growth side, provided the modding files allow for it.