Mod: Tree Nursery v0.1 (grow and plant trees)

Another approach to provide additional wood resources to the world. This mod adds trees to the farming-feature. Once the tree saplings are gown up they will be harvested, stored in the stockpile and can be placed into the world. Trees added to the world via this mod are harvestable and will provide additional wood resources.

The mod can be downloaded under the following link and can be simply added to the mods-folder:

Thanks once more to @sdee for the idea and @Miturion for his pre-work on farming :thumbsup:.


P.S. Added trees can be moved. :smile:
P.P.S. For the beginning it is suggested to start with a small farm. :wink:
P.P.P.S. The mod is by far not balanced. If you have too many trees in the stockpile, just remove the field.


Great :thumbsup:
Just what we need to build endless houses :blush:

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brilliant work (as always) @voxel_pirate! :+1:

seems like a much more “realistic” implementation of farmable trees… well done! :smiley:

Right on! nice work.

Absolutely. Like this kind of mod much more than the other approach where you can simply craft an item which provides more resources than it takes you to make it. Still this is only a first shot but I would love if the final game offers this kind of approach to planting new trees. A bit balancing and implement that real trees are planted (with growth, etc.)… and here we go ;-).

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A Forester with his own little tree-planting zone perhaps? Like farming, only you pick tree types instead of crops.


Nice! Time to test the height limit of Stonehearth then!

Wow a new mod :o And a good one! Thanks!

Not sure if there would be enough to do for a pure “forester”-profession. Maybe adding a randomization function would be enough and the standard farmer would have single type of tree to plant. This would reflect also how trees are spread over the world during the initial terrain generation. Otherwise a player could plant exactly the wood which he needs, e.g. to build this “Epic Elder Wood Sword” :wink:.

Could do. Dunno if you’ve played Banished though, but in that, the Forester also cuts down trees in his area once they’re fully grown. It also has orchards for fruit… you could probably combine this kind of forestry with growing orchards as an upgrade / level-up version of the farmer perhaps. Until then, just get your workers to explore farther afield for wood (which drives other game functions like exploring and encountering goblins :slight_smile: ).

Is this mod compatible with the most recent release? I keep trying to click on the saplings after they’ve been harvested so I can plant them, but no UI comes up that will let me do it.

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No, is unfortunately not compatible. You can try to adjust it to get it work. As far as I remember there are two issues with this version:

  1. Change in the way how objects are treated, i.e. proxy, ghost, etc.
  2. Parameter “Harvestable” was not working as before.

I don’t really know how to “adjust” it :confused:

What’s the highest compatible version of this mod?