[MOD] Tree Farming - Updated 24-05-15


This mod adds a new “tree” crop, which should eventually yield saplings. The saplings, when placed like furniture, insta-grows into a tree, and can then be harvested for wood.

The placed tree is randomized among all the Oak Tree models in the game, so it can also, with some patience, be used as decoration.

To be added later, when my excitement at FINALLY getting the mod to work fades away.

Supported Versions
v1 - Alpha 9 Main Release and Alpha 10 Main Release

v1 - treefarm.zip - Google Drive


  1. More trees?
  2. More realistic farming procedure?

I have gone for a relatively high growing time. Feedback on this is appreciated.

Known Issues

  1. The sapling ghost before placement, after placement and the actual placed tree don’t match. I have no idea how to fix this, but will try to do so nevertheless.
  2. The collision boxes of the planted tree is not correct, and your minions may walk through part of the trunk. I will fix this once I get to grips with the coordinate system used ingame.
  3. The crop stages look odd. It is mostly aesthetic in nature, so will fix once I get free time.

Can’t download , need permission. Do you have share?

@law, It should work now.

I’m excited to try this out. :slight_smile: