[A22.5] Fruit Trees Mod

I have seen a few posts around wanting more fruiting trees so i have started work on a mod

currently i have only implemented an apple tree but though i would post now as it may be useful as a guide for other modders

the Mod allows any farmer level 0 to grow the tree as a crop they them become place-able items similar to berry bushes

As i make additions I will update this post. any suggestions or comments please let me know

Fruit Trees Mod
fruit_trees.smod (45.8 KB)
Current Implementations
Apple Tree(bush size)


I like so much the idea! Are the fruit trees aviable to farm as berry bushes? or it’s just something for decoration? Also, if you can grow the crops and harvest it, there are some new recipes for the cook?

I will download the mod and test it, it was just my first feelings when I saw it :slight_smile: So i’m sorry if I’ve done stupid questions :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a fine little mod. :heart:

Have you made it so they have to be earned somehow? :grin:

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I’d love it if they were a rare tree spawn, so you get only a handful on a map

what would be a cool mechanic is ripe fruit dropping off the trees and if you pick them up before they rot you can eat the fruit and extract the seeds and replant the tree.

the idea of seeds isn’t really in the game yet, but its gotta start somewhere