Fruit trees and such

soooooo, I was going to start modeling fruit trees for an idea I had, the issue is, theres a lot of types of fruit trees, that i dont know where to begin, so any thoughts pertaining?

just please let it be simply fruit trees for now, im still a bit new to Quibicle and have only done a few beekeeping things >.> anything more complex than a villager skin is a bit troublesome for me, so to re-iterate, only fruit tree suggestions, ill begin modeling these later in the week and posting them here :3

Apple trees have pretty much become the staple in these types of games… so I think that’s probably a given.

I would also like to suggest a few that are a bit more uncommon: Pear, Almond, Apricot, Coconut, Cherry, Pomegranate

Bananana trees

######Yes I purposely spelt it that way.

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good luck @Cannon0006! here’s some sweet inspiration to help you on this quest… :smile:


That’ll do for starters, and they’re all of the easy, berry-bush-style. Bananas, pineapples & such will require rather more modelling work, so I’ve left them out for now.

Speaking of which, what you want to do I think is make two tree models - one with, and one without fruit (like the berry bushes).

Finally, a cheat list for you:

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Try doing some obscure trees, like Mango trees, Coffee trees, ETC.\

Also, is anyone on at the moment.

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I do remember in the past making Berry Trees… Although they exclusively produced berries. No wood. I do wonder if that has changed, and that trees can have more than a single produce now…

Persimmon tree there a bit dead

Papaya I don’t if they are from a tree

Date trees palm trees that grow dates

Plantain trees

Mango trees

All that was said before in other posts

Clementine trees

anyone know where i can find a model of the trees from in game?

What about dragon fruit or even starfruit trees, though they may be a bit more challenging


<img src="//" width=“690” height=“429”

so this took waaaaaaay longer than i wanted it to, mainly due to i cant find model files to save my life, but here it is, an early apple tree, based of what the berry bushes look like in game and the fact that apples grow on smaller trees


looks good to me! :smile:

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everyone we have apples i believe it would be some kind of red cox or a ripe braeburn

lovely work @Cannon0006 hope to see more trees

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It does look good to me as well. I like the style of it, I think it fits the game very well. However, when I think about it, I think if that model gets stretched out to be about the size an apple tree should be in game, the apples will be awfully big. Just a little something to consider.

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I used the small oak model from the game, so maybe not to big, im planning on some surprises too :3

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Yes, but the oak model doesn’t have fruit in it that would get stretched with the rest of the tree. Again, I don’t mean that the tree itself would be too big, but the apples in them. But perhaps the surprises you mentioned will deal with this, so I’ll just wait and see I guess :smiley: