My wisteria tree model


Hey everyone! :merry:

I’ve made my fist thing in Qubicle! I’ve been attempting at a small plant before but I only managed to pick up on the tools because I’ve been too lazy to plan ahead.

Just yesterday I’ve seen some awesome pictures of Japanese castles! So I imagined making a village, that has this japanese style to it, with a castle on one side and an ancient wisteria tree on the other. And I thought… how about sketching it out in excel first… that can have squares, right?


Then I realized… How is it going to look in space? This only gives me the idea of one side :thinking: So I went to my Qubicle demo… and spend like 3 hours in it…


So yeah… Now I have it I guess… In my files…

I’d love it if you could get this tree from an exotic seeds vendor, but that would mean I have to model like five more growth stages and learn how to code :grimacing: I don’t feel like that at the moment.


looks cool man!

if you do ever decide to want to code it into the game, there are plenty here that can tell you how/give you pointers :slight_smile:

the pre-tree models would indeed be something you would want to do in advance though.


You could also do it as a “build” template :wink:


Yes! That’s what I originally wanted :smiley: I just wanted to plan ahead… and I “overplanned” it :smiley:


What a beautyfull model @Amnaa!! I would love to play in a biome with trees like that :heartpulse: :merry:


I would love to have that tree in game. Really beautiful.

Have fun, Kyth.


I think you nailed it. :heart: depending on the biome it’s put into, it might need a little desaturation tho. I could see this going into any biome as a sort of mystical tree with some nice particle effects :wink:


If I had to offer criticism, I would also say to consider reducing the hanging blocks on the inside of the tree’s canopy, if that makes sense. It seems to add a lot of unnecessary noise right around where the trunk meets the canopy


Oh, you might be right :merry: I’m not very good at “cartoonizing” or altering stuff and I just vent with the pictures I had found online. I see this as a tree you would exclusively get from a trader to plant around your town as a decorative item. I did not specifically design it to be in a biome, I don’t think it would look good that way :sweat_smile:


What?! Not look good as a normal tree in a biome?? That’s crazy. :joy:


THIS TREE IS GORGEOUS!!! It would totally work as a biome tree if someone made a special biome for it. I’d even love something like this as a rare tree that spawned in my biome, sort of the way Rabbit Statues spawn very rarely.

I also think if you wanted, you could just say it’s a packaged tree. you could buy it as an item if you wanted and when placed it simply acts like decoration. no growth needed.


Hey everyone!

… I lied. I actually sat down today and created all the other models for growth phases :joy: I didn’t want to spend more time on this model but the positive reaction was so overwhelming! Like… thank you all so much!!

Now… How do you call that again? Mobing? No… Moding! :upside_down_face:


Wow, this looks amazing! Now I want blooming versions of ALL the trees!


oh shit that is just cool.!


Ok… might have hit a wall. I searched for a voxel editor that would be able to import .qbcl but it seems there’s none :glum: So unless somebody owns a full version of Qubicle, I might need to excuse myself and join the Qubicle graveyard.


I’ve got the full version, can save them to.qb for you later today if you put your qbcl files here (well the 20 bucks version, which is all you need)
(in a few hours, still at work now)


WOW, that would be awesome! I think I just need to add one more model (the plant pot iconic). I’ll post it then :merry:


Hey man! Here’s the file :merry: Wisteria2.rar (12.6 KB)


i just noticed you put all of them in a single file scattered willy nilly :’)
this…may take a bit more time then expected.

aaand done: (10.2 KB)

also, they are smaller then a berry bush. lol. if someone is going to code them for you, let them up the scale by like, 4x. ( 0.1 = 100% so 0.4 should do it)


got you your files @Amnaa