Talking About Tree Variations


Stonehearth looks amazing and I love the feel of the game, but it seems to lack trees, specifically trees other than what I assume to be oak.

As a fan of differentiation in flora I would say that the least we as a community can do is to pool some thoughts on prospective trees and bushes.

While plant life is not going to rear its ugly head and attack you - unless they are evil which would be awesome - it is most likely going to sit statically on your screen for most of the game. Might as well figure out some variety now! Let’s see if we can’t all devise some really awesome plant life for a really awesome game!

All about Trees

To start, here is a cherry blossom tree I made in Qubicle Constructor. First time I used it so I am still figuring out the tricks.


Hey there, liking the look of the cherry tree!

Just so ya know:

“There will be a variety of resources which provide both cosmetic and functional differences to your structures. If you look carefully in the trailer, you’ll see at least 3 distinct different species of trees. Maybe a wall made of ironwood is better at holding off a pack of invading goblins than one made of oak.”

So don’t lose faith about the variety of trees in the game! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you make!


I did go back and watch again and you are right about the multiple tree types. Still, they all seem so blocky. I am not sure if those trees are merely place-holders or not, but in the meantime we can focus on some more realistic variety.

Also thanks for the compliment! I hope that others will be inspired to try making their own flora. In the meantime I did make another tree, an English Elm. Tell me what you think !

On a footnote, tree trunks are surprisingly difficult to balance in mass to the rest of the tree.


Awesome! Make me a weeping willow and you’ll be on my good list :wink:


I see no reason not to fill a request. How is this for a willow?

This is actually the largest tree yet being two times larger than either of the previous two.

I will admit that I did exaggerate some of the characteristics of the structure to look more in line with the typical imagining of a weeping willow as opposed to the actual Salix babylonica. Hope you enjoy!


For a bit a fun I expanded and rounded out my Elm model a bit and then put in in a bowl. I present to you denizens of the internet: a bonsai!

I see Raya’s Children as a kingdom that would be really into the art of bonsai.


I’m loving these trees and thanks for the willow!

I can definitely see Raya’s children having bonsai trees!


wow @GlassFiber … i really like your tree variants, particularly the cherry blossom and bonsai… :slight_smile:


These are all really neat, but I think the idea is 16 bit creations. At least in the vanilla game itself the style is 16 bit art. So, based on that idea, I’d say go even more basic.


I certainly do like that willow. Looks like it would fit right in in a swamp biome, or maybe the entrance to a cave or something. Bioluminescence added and you’ve got yourself an underground tree. Use rockier colors and it might feed off of lava instead of water. Just a few suggestions.