[V0.1] "Another Tree Mod"

Because my main mod will need plenty of waiting time for new features and abilities and because of my interest in the Stonehearth code, I just started a little second mod, where the coding stands over the modelling part. I decided to make one more ambience mod about the trees. So here we go with the Another Tree Mod.

The mod adds 19 different types of trees, including the shown willow and ash, with more than 50 different “minecraft like” tree models. Right now, it’s just an ambience mod, changing the look of the game, but I’m planning to add new wood logs with different looks and applications. Maybe different looking tables or walls build with the new logs. As said this will be more like a little mod playground, but maybe some people enjoy the different look :smiley:

Some more ideas are about doing changes in the landscaper code, so there will be some “biomes”, including different forests. Download will come at the end of the week, because yesterdays update kills my changes and frustrated about that, I just wanted to show the idea and progress :slight_smile:


By any chance possible to plan/create new tree’s with the mod as well? :slight_smile:

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By any chance possible to plan/create new tree’s with the mod as well?[/quote]
I honestly don’t know.
As there was a mod doing that some time ago, it should be possible, but right now, I can’t say, wether it ist possible for me to add this in the next versions. That would be more like a long therm goal with saplings or something like that…

well done @Programmierer… moar screenshots please! :smile:

Okay, sadly the old mod never worked for me :slight_smile: and there is a time reached when you cannot build more because there is no more wood, lucky that we do not reach it at Alpha because of bugs :smiley:

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well done @Programmierer… moar screenshots please![/quote]
You have to eat your vegetables before getting some icecream :stuck_out_tongue:
But here we go - starting a new town in a silver birch forest:


I am Groot!

Great mod here.

I would defently play with a more variety for trees and different furniture shades with different woods

Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

After I finally read in the FAQ that the naming minimization will get banned in the next update, I will wait for it, because coding is a pain right now. But I don’t want to see tears in @SteveAdamo eyes, here is some progress I made today in this code mess. Added a new functionality, so now trees can drop two different items at the same time:


tears successfully kept at bay… :smile: :+1:

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wonderful :thumbsup:

I really like the look of the birch trees–the white trunks look like they give the game a little more color and diversity! Here’s hoping we’ll see some trees like this in the vanilla game as well and round out the foliage a little more.

For more colors and diversity I could recommend some sequoias… :slight_smile:


After it seems that you guys love the birch more than the (now really sad) sequoia - here are more birch screenshots :smiley: And yeah, I’m a bit proud, I could do it without any hardcoding :slight_smile:

So I wanted to build a new city, but no city was around. So I could just walk 500 miles to cut down one lonely silver birch. But the wood wasn’t enough to actualy build anything… :cry:

So I had to find a new way to get these nice white resources. So let’s just plant some trees for world peace. And cut them down immediately - of course!

And so right now, I could build a nice little city in the silver birch forest :heart:


PS @SteveAdamo NOW I want to see some tears of joy xP


the beauty … the majesty … the smell of fallen timber! :crying_cat_face: :clap:

well done my friend … well done! :+1:

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Just a real short update. I had some free time for looking at the landscaper and I was able to change the file, so now it will generate a world with more different trees :smiley:

New in there is the ash-tree between in the middle of the silver tree forest.
Right now it’s a hole of a mess, but I hope to find an easy way to generate separated forests/biomes.
So hopely it will look a bit better in the end :slight_smile:


I wish you the best of luck :smile: it’ll look awesome

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it’ll look awesome[/quote]
Hopefully. Or it’ll look awful. But then I’ll call it “Indie” :smiley:

great work. Is it easy to add new trees?

[quote=“Miturion, post:19, topic:7922, full:true”]
great work. Is it easy to add new trees?[/quote]
Depends on your goal.

If you just want to add more trees, the hardest work is to make the new .qb-files.
It needs quit a time, if the trees are big enough.

Adding a hole new kind of trees is harder, because beside all the json-work (which is mostly copy/paste) you have to add the trees to the landscaper. Here it just depends on what you want to achieve. Just adding a new kind is very easy, but I fear that making some good looking forests would be much harder…