Add new wild flowers?

How can I add in new plants/flowers during world generation?

I’ve looked on this site and couldn’t find any up to date examples(or any examples at all really), and I’ve looked into the services/server/worldgeneration luac and it’s all gibberish to me. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you :smile:

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A few mods do this with trees, so perhaps check them out?


Thanks @Teleros! I’ll have a look at them right away =]

Hopefully I’ll be able to do it with flowers ^^

Adding just flowers is much easier than adding trees, so you don’t have to mess around with the luac-files.

Just do these steps:
1.) Add new flowers to the plants-folder and register them in the manifest.json
2.) go to scenarios/static/terrain and just copy/change something like the frostsnap_field folder. In the .json-file you can change size, quantity, habitat and with “entity_types” the visuals of your new flower field.
3.) Open the index.json in the Scenario-Folder and just add a new line in the static section (just copy/change the frostsnap) again.

And yeah, that’s all :wink:


Wow, that IS much easier than adding trees, thank you SO MUCH :smile:


You’re welcome. Just give us some nice flower models/mods :slight_smile:
And honestly - Yeah, It is :smiley: Adding new trees is a pain in the a** ^^


I’ll make the purdiest flowers ever =P

Yeah I noticed about the trees, I dug through some of your code a minute ago and the landscaper.luac sent my head spinning, lol.

I should be able to mininto the index.json, right?

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[quote=“chimeforest, post:7, topic:8468”]
I should be able to mininto the index.json, right?[/quote]
You should be. But I don’t know, just tested this in the stonehearth.smod itself, because I don’t have so much time right now. So try it out and let me know =)

Alrighty I will :smile:

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It works :smiley:
Here is the smod in case anyone wants to have a peak at it.


Nice one! Know I want to add flowers to my ATM-Mod too ^^

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Might as well, it’s easy, fun, and looks good =D

how do you make them harvestable for a recourse?

You need to add this piece of json to your plant:

      "stonehearth:renewable_resource_node": {
         "category": "harvest",
         "harvest_overlay_effect": "stonehearth:effects:harvest_plant_overlay_effect",
         "unripe_description": "i18n(stonehearth:entities.plants.brightbell_plant.unripe_description)",
         "resource": "stonehearth:resources:herb:brightbell",
         "renewal_time": "22h"

the resource is what will drop from it.