[MOD] Flora Expansion r2015-001(Updated Screenshots 11-7)

Greetings and salutations all :smile: . I am happy to present my humble mod which provides the ff: features

(a) increase the number and variety of wild flowers,
(b) increase the number and variety of berry bushes,
© adding other plants/fungi that provide edible or not so edible goodies (ex. mushrooms)
(d) adding various grass types all over your map just to cover the rather empty looking areas
(e) adding corresponding “craftable” items for applicable flora elements
(f) add a few critters that highlight the new flora aspect.

The aim of the mod, as if it was not obvious enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, is just to add a bit more eyecandy/content to the world of Stonehearth. Most of what will be added initially are limited in use or functionality but I do intend to make more useful elements once I get my bearings on the twists and turns of modding Stonehearth.

Current Status: UNRELEASED, pending completion of craftables for new Brightbell variants and grass.

Compatibility : I have play tested with Candledark, Settlement Decor mod, Brewery mod, and Stonehearth Cafe and so far all is good!

Note: I’ll be posting a few more pics once I do the first release. Expected release dates adjusted due to RL. I’ll try to make the release happen by this weekend. (approx Nov 14, 15). Please pardon the rather amateurish graphics. :blush:

A: Crimson, Gold and Azure Brightbells
B: White Hearts
C: Plains Grass
D: King’s Crown
E: Twilight Trio
F: Minitower Shrooms

A few more recoloring is needed for some before inclusion in first release.


nice start! kinda reminds me of the old “wildflowers” add-on for the colors mod, i’ll definitely use this when i start playing the game more often :smile:


Many many thanks @8BitCrab and to those that have shown their appreciation/support for the initial mod work/concept. I’ve organized and added a few more pix of the new plants. Please note I prefer to add more fantasy/scifi inspired plants that would (hopefully) blend well with the theme of SH. Kinda more fun and mysterious that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i really like the kings crown, really good modelling/coloring on that one!