Garden of Incredible and Modest Model Embellishments (Request-and-Response thread)

Inspired by the Settlement Decor mod and certain requests, I present to you a thread for requesting decorations for Stonehearth.

The idea behind it is this: you can leave a request with description
(and possibly a sketch of an item you have in mind). You can vote for suggestions. If
any of the modders feels like doing it, he creates such a model and
posts it as a response.

To preserve the motivation of model creators I propose requesting
only small items which do not require extensive programming/scripting. I also propose to lean to lore- and style-friendly requests, so the resulting collection could be incorporated in the game as a lore-friendly mod.


Love the idea of tgis thread!
And to start off I would love to see more wood items like a ramp and poles. Different colored lamps than what we currently have. Even if the base color was say green and the fine color be gold. But have at least a wider variety of colors than blue and red. As well as I would love to see shrubs of some kind. Doesnt need to grow but a little something to give yards a little decoration rather than large trees


I love the idea and agree with Simica_Na, more lights and garden plants.
And maybe architectural decorations. they would act like a painting you hang on a wall but look like ornament. (Decorative lines, friezes, crowns and bases for on pillars. lintels. arches (only half of them pls).


Thabks forbthe support on the idea @lios and I would love your ideas implememted within it too!

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my very first altered plant. took me longer to find the right tools for it than too make it. its for from perfect (its clipping way to bright green) but still XD.
If anyone out there who also dos not has the 40$ for Cubicle check out voxelshop

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Anybody want to stop and smell the roses?


nice work @thelegorebel!

oh and I was also wondering would it be hard to add in another addition to the chicken family? I would adore seeing a silkie in the game

like this one o3o

I’m currently trying to devise something wood and lightey but nothing comes to mind. Do you have any ideas what the new wooden lanterns could look like?

As for me, I positively think we need more tree/bush variations, so I’ll throw some references in

honestly even if the same lanterns were used but the colored part was changed to be different would be nice.

also paper lanterns would be cool too


paperlantern.qb (62.1 KB)


@Kittyofdoom, may I… totally honestly steal it?
I’ll surely credit you in the mod info.


Of course, is why I posted the qb file - for people to use!

Between my coursework and depression, I don’t have the focus for big things right now, but these little one-offs give me some small feeling of accomplishment, heh


In fact, if you have any other designs you would like help with, I’d be more than happy to lend my services

Thank you! That is really nice work!

Oh. Sorry to hear. Consult your doctor, that’s what helped me. I’m not fond of chemical solutions, but at least I’m productive now, if nothing else :wink:

While I have many ideas, I’m slowly running out of ideas concerning lanterns. There is half a dozen more, but that’s it. I have some nice refs for metal ones, but I’m still stuck with wood. I’d also like to include some less conventional ones, like a skull on fire (working on it right now) or a runestone or maybe a glowing crystal. If something good comes in your head, feel free to throw it in the mix. It’s more interesting to invent together.

Then I’d like to try myself at construction (doors, decoration props) as well as maybe (maybe) monsters and animation. There are dozens of ideas, really - like armor upgrades for our new archers/clerics. I doubt I’ll have time for doing half of them, let alone all.
Oh, and trees. Trees and stuff. I want to expand the diversity of trees some time. Acacias are good, oaks less so.

I have been working with a doctor for a bit over a year now…main problem is that I have really exceptional tolerance. Great for substances like alcohol, less so for anti-depressants / anti-anxiety meds.

I will happily play with some lightning ideas if that’s the current focus of concern - feel free to message me any of your other ideas that you like and either are having trouble designing or would like to see alternate ideas for their interpretation.

Trees are fun. If I can find where I saved it or reproduce it, I had designed a willow tree during my math final that I was rather pleased with.

If you want some ideas for trees, here are a couple of links I keep opened in my browser in the hopes to get to them in the future.
These trees (and bushes) look nice but when I try to visualize them in voxels in my head, the result looks too much like what we already have. That doesn’t seem interesting enough.
Maybe your vision will give them a more unique look.

I also feel baobab-like tree will look very natural in the desert biome.

Found my willow!

KoD_Willow_Tree.qb (40.1 KB)


I feel it will be much better if it won’t be symmetric.
Look here.

I may be wrong but there are no such trees in current SH build. I wonder if there are these models at all. One can always recreate them, sure. I would add a little more foliage if it was me.


Since I had been looking at the trees I know for a fact in current build there isnt

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