Modding Adventures: Big Trees and Carved Stones

I have been experimenting with the Stonehearth modding system and this is a thread to post my projects.

Currently I have a Camp Standard replacement in the form of a large tree, (Epic Norse embark with a Seed from Yggdrasil!) and a Floating Runed Pillar, because things that float are cool and runes are cool.

The crafting icon for the Runed Pillar is a reflection of an earlier version and will be updated at some point in the future.


Really digging the Yggdrasil/Tree of life thing going on and I love that you started your camp in the roots of the tree. Does the tree spawn looking the same every time?

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Nice mod, though I would like to know the same as Spu :slight_smile:

Really great job with the tree… :thumbsup:.

The “Runed Pillar” is not one of my favorites. Looks a bit too high tech instead of old and mystic, doesn’t it?

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Spu/Ghost: the tree is a static model, I have not created any variations yet.

voxel_pirate: It is a combination of working off cubes, both for the overall shape and the symbols, I tried to counter that by banging up the top a bit, but I do agree, I think I need to be a bit more aggressive with my weathering, also the light blue has a lot of high-tech connotations, I am experimenting with alternative colors.

perhaps a green hue will give it a more “nature” vibe, as opposed to “tech” from the blue… either way, its very slick!

and doth mine eyes deceive me, or do those last two images depict people on beds, under the cover provide by the massive roots of the tree?!? sweeeeeet!

They’re pretty awesome if I do say so!

Now just to animate them so they rotate…

I definitely think a colour change is in order … also perhaps less ‘inscription’ on the sides? And different inscription on each side?

Also I think the hovering also contributes to the high-tech feel of it?

I’m being overly critical aren’t I? I’ll stop now!

I would make mods for you if you want me to - I think of adding Yggdrasil to the world generation and add the runed stone to the carpenter. They would be quite nice example mods and give me a chance to practice the workbench stuff a bit.

Geoffers: I was thinking just a slow up and down hovering action, I do need to change up the inscriptions though.

RepeatPan: I need to figure out proper collision scaling for the tree, (not to mention how to do non-square collision boxes, perhaps multiple collision entries? will be testing)

Runed Pillar v5~ish:

what do you all think, getting into too much detail?

i dont know about too much detail, but its looking somewhat “borg-like” to me… and i like it… :smile:

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Looks very cool! :thumbsup: good job!

Heading back towards the christmas tree design with a lower voxel count (also need to tweak that scale a tad…)


I’m wondering whether one could turn this into two separate objects, one for the stone itself, the other for the “green” stuff. If that was the case, it might be possible to change the color of the runes, perhaps have some fading/pulsing effect, perhaps even event based, …

How is that done with the default heads, do you know that by chance? Do the three heads just have different colors for the ribbon?

@RepeatPan At the moment there are like 3 skin colors implemented for the femal settler. Each skin color has 3 different heads aligned to it which are not further split (e.g. head, ribbon, hair). So for the moment you cannot change single parts of the head… but this will for sure come as the plan is to allow for more variety.

Right, thanks for the info. I don’t own Qubicle (and don’t really plan on getting it since… well, check out Steffers Geodamo Center for Painting and Stuff for the reason why :wink:

I’m kind of interested to have dynamically colored things though. I’ll definitely look into it soon… ish.

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That definitely looks a lot better in terms of shape.

I’m not too sure on the green as it seems to add to the greenness of the world :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of a colour alternative … a bright white? How bad would that look? A gentle purple?

The runes look a lot better this way, less is definitely more in this instance.

Light Purple:

Bright White:


I quite like both of those! But then again that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

The white one looks like something that should pop out bunnies from time to time. Just, you know… Fling them out. Into space.


i think the purple one looks the most “soothing”… :+1: but perhaps its the scale that is throwing things off for me… they still seem somewhat futuristic? maybe seeing it in motion would remedy that…

all in all, this is looking pretty sweet! and yes, make them launch wee little bunnies at random intervals… then my friend, you will have accomplished something truly magnificent!

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