[Mod] Colors Mod by Chimeforest

Hello everyone, I’m back!

I present to you my new and completely fleshed out COLORS MOD :smile:

Colors Mod - Base

This Mod is a continuation of my Old Colors Mod. It adds many new colors to stonehearth, all gather-able from in game resources. It can also be used as a springboard for other, future, mods which use colors. See the next post for instructions on how to include colors in your mod.


  • 7 Colors to choose from (including “undyed”)
  • Colored Dyes, Cloths, and Threads
  • Recolored Furniture (Comfy Chair and Bed)
  • Recolored Decorations (Banners, Curtians, Throw Rugs, and even Camp Standards)
  • NEW Furniture: Thrones and Tablecloths
  • Includes wildflowers mod below

Color Sources(for now): Red: brightbell, Orange: pumpkin/mosies, Yellow: corn/thrilips, Green: corn/jill’s pulpet, Blue: frostsnap, and Purple: berries/numnums.

Recipe Overview:

  • Dye Bucket: 1 of any of the above color sources
  • Colored Cloth: 1 Undyed Cloth(aka regular cloth) + 1 Dye
  • Color Thread x3: 3 Undyed Threads +1 Dye

Known Bugs:


Colors Mod - Wild Flowers
Add new flowers for quicker accumulation of dyes.
Included in the base mod now.


  • 4 new flowers including:
    • Thriilips for yellow dyes
    • Mosies for orange dye
    • Jill’s Pulpet for green dye
    • and Numnums for purple dye

Planned Features:

  • Flower Vases
  • Flower Pots


Criss-Crossed Mods

More coming eventually…


How to Add Colors to your mod

How it all works

ColorsMod works by using a system of tags to define which items can be used to create (or be created from) colored objects. This tag system lets modders, like you, add color to your mod without it being totally dependent on my mod. In other words, you can add colors to your mod with out it crashing if my mod isn’t installed.

If you just want to dig around in my code, you can have a look at it here on github.

How to have an item/plant produce dye

Allowing an item to be crafted into dye is a simple process, simply add the appropriate tags to the item following this format:

[color] colorsource

Colors you can use are: undyed, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
So adding a blue color souce to a flower (such as i did with frostsnaps) would look like this:

“tags” : “plant blue colorsource”

If you are modifying an existing item from another smod, you need to create a mixinto for it. Go here or here for instructions on creating mixintos.

How to add colored items

Creating new items can be a tricky business, and is beyond the scope of this section. I’m just going to give you a few pointers on editing models/recipes. For more information about creating new items go here.

Here are some sniplets of code; using these you should be able to modify your own json files no problem.

Modifying a recipe to use a colored and only a colored item:
This recipe uses 1 log and 1 blue clothbolt.

"ingredients": [
         "material" : "wood resource",
         "count" : 1
         "material" : "blue cloth resource",
         "count" : 1

Simply replace blue with another color to use that color instead.
Colors you can use are: undyed, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

That’s it!

Producing more than one item with a recipe:
Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for recipes to only produce one item, here is a simple trick to overcome that.

  "produces": [

This recipe produces 3 blue thread spools.

Recoloring an existing object using qubicle (Method 1: Hue Slider)
I am semi-working on a program which will be able to turn one .qb into several recolored qb, but until that is finished you can use either of these methods to quickly recolor any model.
Recolorer is complete and can be found here!

  1. Select all of the voxels which are going to be recolored:

  2. Click the Hue/Saturation Button

  3. This will bring up the Hue/Saturation Dialog Box and detach the selected voxels.
    Simply movethe Hue slider to change the color of the selected voxels(messing with the other sliders can be fun too!)

  4. After you have fiddled around with the sliders and found a color you like simply click the OK button

    Starting with “stonehearth blue” -105 will give you a nice red color.

  5. Hit [ENTER] on you keyboard to attach the seperated voxels, and [CTRL]+[D] to deselect them.

Tada! A finished recoloration of the comfy chair.
All that’s left to do is export it as a .QB file. Be sure to use the settings pictured below.

What Colors to use to match this mod
Below is a super hi-tech table of the pigments I used while making these mods:

|  COLOR  | HUE |   SAT   |   VAL   |
| red     |   0 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| orange  |  30 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| yellow  |  60 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| green   | 125 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| blue    | 210 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| purple  | 275 | 200-250 |  210-90 |
| undyed  |  40 |      30 |  210-90 |

As more colors come out I will add them to the above table.

Where there is a range of values(such as 200-250) the number on the left is for lighter shades and the number on the right is for darker shades. So 0,200,210 makes a light red, while 0,250,90 produces a dark red,

Note: If you use Method 1 for recoloring with the hue slider, you will have to halve the hue results of this table to get accurate colors. For example, if you are starting with a red object, and you want to make it green, you need to slide the hue to 125/2 which is 62

I hope you enjoyed these mini-tutorials, there are more on the way!
Comming up next:

  • Recoloring an existing object using qubicle (Method 2: Color Maps)

Awww yeah… Color mod is back. :sunrise_over_mountains:
Bigger and better. This is how stonehearth should be. Gathering all the materials till dusk and crafting cool colered items out of it. :thumbsup:

And even an tutorial. Magnificent.


Yup Yup, No better way to spend a day(or several) in Stonehearth :smile:

I hope the tutorials are helpful and clear enough for people to use, I’d love for people to run with them and create all sorts of stuff :smiley:


Great work sir, keep it up! Love your bright and shiny color palette! :]


Thanks :smile: I’m glad you like it.

I’ve added a sub mod :smile:

Now introducing Wildflowers!

Download is available in the first post. After I fine tune this sub mod I’m thinking of including it in the base mod so that dyes will come from flowers instead of vegetables, lol.

What do you guys think? Especially: Do the flowers spawn too much? Are the flower groups too big/small? and Should it be included in the base mod?

Special thanks to @Programmierer and @Teleros for helping me figure out how to add in wildflowers :smile:


My first red colored chair in 20 mins :smiley:
I think flowers spawn are fine. I have not played that much with it tho. But some colors like orange are renewable, so some rare colors are fine.
btw what resource is the color yellow? It is not the yellow flower.

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That’s weird, the yellow flower should be craftable into yellow dye. I’ll check that right away, in the meantime corn can also be used to make yellow dye (also green dye)

Do you have any other mods installed which might interfere with it? Also, when you say that orange is renewable are you referring to pumpkins or mosies(orange flower)?

It seems to be working fine on my computer, is there anymore information you can give me or screen shots? Are you running r150?

Colors-base updated to dev1687! Yay! :smile:
Link for download is in the first post.

For some reason, the wild flowers mod is still giving me trouble, and I haven’t been able to update it to r1687 =/
Which is weird since it’s much smaller than the base mod. Hopefully I can figure out why tonight.

Colors-wildflowers now works for r1687, download link in first post.

EDIT: ALSO! The fruit baskets from Garden Mod by @OneLaughingLlama now provide colorsources :smiley:


I am running r150. I have colors-wildflowers and colors-base mod. No other mods. Here is a screenshot. plenty of yeloow flowers, but does not get crafted.

And referig to pumpkins.

Can you open up colors-wildflowers/entities/plants/thrilip/thrilip.json and tell me if the following line exists in it?

"tags" :  "plant thrilip yellow colorsource" 

Like wise, colors-base/recipes/weaver/materials/dye_yellow_recipe.json should contain:

  "material" : "yellow colorsource",
  "count" : 1

I’m thinking that since it works on my machine, but not on yours, perhaps the files got corrupted during download/upload. I’ll reupload them now, just to be sure.

EDIT: The files have been reuploaded [11/7/14 3:49EST], you can redownload them from the first post.

yea, that is the problem. it has only plants tag in it. Maybe you uploaded an old version.

   "type" : "entity",
   "mixins" : "file(thrilip_ghost.json)",

   "components" : {
      "stonehearth:entity_forms" : {
         "iconic_form" : "file(thrilip_iconic.json)",
         "ghost_form" : "file(thrilip_ghost.json)",
         "placeable_on_ground" : true
      "stonehearth:material" : {
         "tags" :  "plant"
      "mob" : {
         "model_origin" : { "x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0 }

The recipe of yellow dye is correct.

Sorry about that :sweat_smile:
I just double triple checked and the current smod has the correct file in it, so everything should be working fine now. :wink:


Hello Guys and Gals

I’m making a program which can turn any qb model into multiple qb models of different colors. I’ve got most of it figured out, and it works pretty well, except it can’t convert to the color orange!

If you guys could take a look at the code here, I’d really appreciate it :smile:

Just think of it as a really really really difficult Prof Layton puzzle! :sweat_smile:

congratulations on the blog site nod… well done! :smile: :+1:


Wow, a video review and a mention on Desktop Tuesday, all in one week?!

I’m not sure I can take all this excitement! :smile:


Hello everyone,
I know it’s only been a week, but somehow it seems like it’s been so much longer. I thought I’d give everyone a quick update.

The QB Recolorer is coming along semi-smoothly, and I should have it released in beta sometime this week.

The Wildflowers are completely compatible with the latest alpha (r156).
The Base mod, however, is not.

In order to update the base mod I’d have to go through every single recipe and every single item.json and change stuff, as well as the manifest.json. By hand, that would take forever, so instead I am making a program to do it for me. I’m just starting on it, but it should be done within the next couple weeks(if all goes well) hopefully before a6 is officially released.

Thank you for your patience :smile:



Wild Flowers has been updated to r162, and should work for the foreseeable future without needing updated.
The Base Mod is still being tweaked, and hopefully I should get it up and running within the week.
In the meantime, here is a small preview on what I have been working on:


looking great. Although multicolored tablecloth is not coming into my house. :smile: I need it nice and clean blue, or red, or green, or…