Make infinity Saw (Use Color base Mod)

  1. Use Color base Mod
  2. Start Game.
  3. Select one person and Promote to Carpenter.
  4. Make infinity Saw!

So…I can’t playing game because this problem.
I hope clear this bug as soon as possible.


was anything else happening during this bug occur?

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Sorry, I removed color base mod, so cleared this bug.

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Oh that’s fine
but can you recall anything that was happening
every little helps :wink:

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hmm… this was just reported with the masons chisel,

Yes, I remember the first time this bug appeared was fault of the Candledark mod, and removing the mod fixed it, just as Goldmetal has done with the Color mod.

However the reporter of the mason’s bug says that he wasn’t using mods, so I’m still concerned about this…


i had this bug (with the carpenter) the first time i played SH, i wasnt using mods then either (but that was way back in alpha 6…)

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