Mason Bug - Missing Arms O_O

I was in the game and I decided to make a mason, then WHAM!! I see this O_O


welcome to the stonehearth discourse, @JackPriceBurns :smile:

im slightly confused, could you perhaps explain a bit better? sorry, im just a bit tired lately :confused:

also @SteveAdamo @Relyss it looks like a picture needs embedding :wink:

Sorry I should of posted my computer specs, here they are.

CPU: Intel i5 Quad core
GPU: Nvidia GTX 780

And explaining better…

Well I made a mason’s hammer with a carpenter, and then I made one of my people a mason and they turned out like that :confused: I don’t know how or why.

oh! at first i didnt see it, but now i realize part of their arm is missing.

perhaps the bug that @Tom was having when he first designed the mason, as they have a “cuff” that messes with the rest of the arm…

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Welcome, @JackPriceBurns :smile:

This is a bug, but it is intended for the time being. The models are cut into different parts, and when the clothes of a hearthling change, they are swapped to the corresponding part of the outfit.

As they are swapped (the mason’s arm replaces the hearthling’s arm) and not merged with the original arm, currently there’s no way to pick the original skin color of the hearthling and apply it to the outfit.

Probably in the future they will address this problem to avoid the hollow arms =)

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I cant seems to get the full image path … :cry:

I have the same problem. But I know how to fix it. Unluckily for us, these links of steam don’t seem to embed well, probably due to

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