Outfit not "merging"

Hey! So after dwelling in Json and getting the foundation of my mod I felt like it was about time to actually model a bit, however, I keep having this issue where the outfit (and weapons) are outside of the hearthlings.

Might be a really common question :flushed:

could you upload the qb file so someone can check if it’s placed in the right position
also there might be the (can’t remember how they call it so i’ll use this word:) regions
are you using qubicle, voxelshop or any other?
also calling @Wouter_Sikkema and @BrunoSupremo (sorry for bothering you guys)
mmmm no movement either in the armor/clothing so maybe you also have the wrong names for the body parts of your outfit


Yes, each part of the armor/outfit has to be inside a correctly named matrix - which are the different (individually edited) bits of the .qb model

They can help you more with other software but if you’re using Qubicle, make sure to export it changing the following settings: Left Handed to Right Handed and Compressed from ticked to unticked. Also make sure you have no specific matrix selected when exporting or it won’t export the whole model.

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Thanks for the quick replies @No_Name & @DaniAngione

I modelled it in MagicaVoxel, then I imported it to VoxelShop to move it into the boxes.

here’s the file! chestpiece_of_light1.qb (49.2 KB)

So, since there’s no animations either, I know for sure I haven’t touched any parts of the matrix’es, where do I do that? :thinking:

as i thought, you have the wrong names for body parts (only one… so try changing it to “torso”)
check any armor/outfit from the stonehearth/rayyas folder and you’ll see the right names
don’t know if that alone will fix it but you’ll need to solve that anyway :wink:

adding a pic to show the difference in location between a working armor and yours(not sure if this does something xD)
and in red the name of each piece in voxelshop

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Thank you so much! It explains why it’s “lagging” behind :sweat_smile: So the only thing that’s missing is me re-naming that file?

not sure if that will be all but it will be a start xDDD
good luck with it :wink:
btw each body part name is to attach it to the heartling body


Waitaminute… So since the only layer I have is the “chestpiece_of_light” I am assuming I have to make a new layer for every body part, and then assign the voxels to that ?

Sorry, I took a bit longer than I imagined… But yes, as pointed out, your armor is a single matrix while Stonehearth armor needs to be several, properly named matrixes.

I made a picture of your armor and a stonehearth armor piece next to each other for comparison so you can clearly see what the matrixes are :slight_smile:

As you can see, it is also turned to the wrong direction :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t help much with magicavoxel/voxelshop, unfortunately – but I know how frustrating it can be when we get stuck somewhere and just want to mod and put our ideas to practice :merry:

so until someone can help you with how to set up your software/export properly, I’ve fixed your armor for you so you can continue working on your mod :3

This file here, if unchanged, should work:

snorrlaxz_armor.qb (21.6 KB)

Have fun! :blush:


Ah silly me :sweat_smile:

Yeah, thank you so much for the help ! I had some issues with opening up VoxelShop earlier and I had planned out that I’d fix all those models today, got it fixed though.

I think I find a way to do it inside both of them, but thank you for pointing it out :smiley:

Also thank you for your time :smile:

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you can try goxel - like i heard it has all positive functions of voxel and magica - i havent tried it because i use quibcle ^^