Can someone with Cubical fix these for me?

So using magicavoxel I can pretty much code the work arounds to get objects to place correctly. Then I decided to create a new class… So the offset is wrong, and the outfit doesn’t move. It is funny though watching a little guy run around in underwear while clothing just follows around. So I was hoping someone could take these 2 files and make the necessary changes to make them work. Thanks in advance!

outfit_female.qb (154.0 KB)

outfit.qb (154.0 KB)

ok the problem is only that matrixnames ^^ every part needs to be an own matrix ^^ left foot etc. for this i suggest voxelshop :wink:

Will voxelshop fix the axis issues I have with magicavoxel that causes placement offset like this:
Or am I able to add in model_oirgin coordinates on an outfit?

yes and no ^^ thats the prob with the free tools xD the axis issues is only because the missing matrixnames - so stonehearth has no idea on which position this belongs xD with magica you can make nice and correct qb and with voxel you can matrixes but no correct places ^^ at the end i have used voxel and tried what is the correct position xD and mostly stonehearth fix minior issues themself xD

Well, using voxelshop, I have the same issue as described here and haven’t found a solution to it.:grimacing: I guess I’ll forgo outfits.

-.- this issue i have seen very often when i have used the free tools … its possible but needs a lots of work to find the correct positions xD

the best for all what have todo with hearthlings (outfit, hair, etc.) is to buy qubicle (not full only the 20$ version^^

Yeah, I will get it when I can down the road, but I currently can’t part with $20, and using modding and another programming project to take my mind off of things for now. I’ll stick with non animated objects for now.

Is there a setting that I’m missing in magicavoxel that moves the axis to the center?