Modeling Outfit & More - Help

Hi all, I just started modeling in Qubicle to create new outfits, but so far I got several “issues” that I would like help with, to better understand it all.

Im currently working on a kingdom mod roman like, and wanted to create several outfits for jobs and so, started with worker outfit but so far got several to many issues:

-Outfit model not matching the body of its owner.
-Outfit model matching the body, but some parts of it missing, like shoes, shoulders or legs.
-Outfit that changed its Matrix to have +1 depth (7 to 8) went missing, both in torso and pelvis.
-Outfit that had a hole in filled in game with brown.

I used as base Ascendry outfits, inspired in models from Remus Followers, Some Roman Stuff and Greeklings.

So If someone could help me, why does more than 7 depth does that? while other models like northern alliance doesnt have that problem. how to have outfits, items, armors in correct position to be shown correctly in-game?

Pd: since im new cant upload qb…

Make sure that the model is in the right position (you can see that position by Opening an existing outfit - don’t import it because importing will change its position! And yes, the position is way off-center. That is intentional and a common mistake, people try to move the model to the center, breaking it)

Another important thing is to make sure that every matrix/bone has the correct name. Also by opening a default outfit you can see that each part has a very specific name and if that name is changed, it won’t be recognized correctly. So be careful when merging/copying/etc… parts :slight_smile:

Finally, as for “holes being filled”, this is because of how outfits work. The entity itself (JSON) can have the models be rendered as “transparent” (boolean value); if an outfit is transparent, it will “merge” with the body model so holes might be filled by the body itself - that’s how you make, for example, open shirts, sandals, etc… any clothing that needs to show skin.

However, if not transparent, it will “replace” the body part underneath and that’s what you must do to not have “holes”


Thank you, sorry for taking this long to reply. I was following gitub guide and some points you have covered werent properly explained there, thanks so far Im getting no errors and tryed transparent value too.