Need assistance!

Hey guys, Im new to modding and I wanna start small, I’ve made my first outfit and wanna test it in game. Whats the easiest way and can you explain step by step plz!

This is the outfit:

Its for my valkyria chronicles mod.

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Well, the easiest way (and impractical for long-term) will be to replace a existing outfit for that one,

Go to where the game is installed and rename the stonehearth.smod in the mods folder to, and unzip or open it to edit it

Than replace a outfit (say, the male carpenter’s outfit) then save and rename the .zip back to .smod, and be sure to make a back-up of the original .smod, so you can fix/restore it later on

And if that’s done, you’ll be able to see the outfit in-game if you have someone that will equp it

I think I broken it xD

To me, it looks like your models center is not set correctly. Which software did you use to create the model?

Also are the pieces of the model seperated accordingly?

Are they named accordingly if seperated?

Best thing to do it open stonehearth.smod(it’s a zipped file technically) go to their jobs/anyclass/anyclass_outfit and look how their stuff is seperated and named and then do the same to yours.

Magicavoxel, it might also be that its not broken up into sections. It seems theres no way to break it up in magicavoxel but I can just simply import it to qubicle it seems.

Just did , Thanks :smiley:

Given I dont own the full version of qubicle it seems I wont be able to export the .qb’s ;-;

You can use VoxelShop. There it is possible to center models and I think, it can also work with matrices. But I habe never used it myself, yet.

The models in the correct location its just not broken up into the needed parts.

Ok I made progress… sorta xD

Im not to sure what went wrong this time though…

Perhaps the matrix names are wrong?

The ones with no mirrored (torso, pelvis) are fine, but i suspect the others are named incorrectly, look into a outfit that already exists in the game, and make sure that every matrix/part of it is named exactly the way the vanilla ones are

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Im literally the dumbest person ever…

I didnt capitalize…


Well, i made the same mistake a couple of times myself, glad it works though!


UPDATE: Making progress on more models and am getting closer to having the basics set up.
Im really new to all this so its going slow

Ok Im trying to add a new kingdom but I have no idea what Im doing so I tried modifying the Rayya’s Children but I seem to have missed a key feature as its not working… anyone out there willing to help me out?

Are you creating your own mod, or still modifying the base game?

Creating my own mod(I’m literally brand new to modding(I may have a death wish)).
Simply my goal is too add the kingdom to the list and work on it from there. but Im not sure where to start as Im dumb.

Also congrats on joining the team.

Thanks :slight_smile:

To add a new kingdom, you have to add a mixinto for stonehearth/data/playable_kingdom_index.json.

An example of this can be seen on the Bastioneers mod: [Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!

Then, reference your own population file, based on any of the existing ones.

Welp seems like its gonna be a really long time before my mods ever playable xD
Still trying to figure out what Im doing wrong but given my inexperience its probably obvious.