How to save multi-matrix qubicle files?

I’d like to change the color of my workers clothing, and did so, but when I saved it either as a single object ticked or not ticked, it only saved the last matrix I was working on, rather than the whole outfit.

What do I do in qubicle saving options to save the entire outfit, not just the last matrix, as a single file? Their tutorials (that I can find) don’t mention it. I’m using the stonehearth verson.

Any help appreciated.

Export all or select everything you want exported and use export selection.


Cheers, that was helpful. Seems I can’t export all from the file dropdown menu, as the stonehearth edition doesn’t have that ability, but I can select all and save that.
Thanks muchly!


In case there is any confusion, you do also need to export a multi-object thing with “single object” turned off or Stonehearth will fail to read it correctly.

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Hi Tuhalu - yes I’d done that and now I’ve got pink outfits for girls and blue for boys. Just messing around really, I might try creating new things after I’ve had some success just recolouring existing items. Stondhearth is my first attempt at voxel editing, so I’m a newb, and the qubicle editor is not that well explained for dummies like me.

Thanks for your advice once again.

No worries, that comment was as much for anyone else that came along to this topic later.

I was in your position about a month ago myself. I’ve watched @Tom do a lot of modelling in his streams, so I was kind of able to fumble my way through to some level of proficiency fairly quickly.

You must be a quick learner. Writing the code looks hard - I’m just reading about that now. I’ll have to check out how it’s done in mods I’ve downloaded. (your stone column one included) Thanks for the friendly help.

I’m a 3rd year game programming student, so I’ve got that going for me on the scripting side.

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My son in law teaches game design at Uni. Apart from a few simple mods for 7daystodie I’ve no modding experience at all. (So I’m likely to hang around asking dumb questions) It’d be nice to impress him with a mod I’ve made!

Thanks once again for the help.