Exporting armors or outfits from qubicle

Hi all.

I am having some trouble with an outfit for a class. When i try and save it as an QB file in qubicle, it seems to only save one of the two matrixes that the outfit is made of?

I have tried not selecting any matrixes when exporting, selecting all the matrixes and no matter what i do, it is always just the pelvis part that shows up, when opening the model in magica voxel afterwards.

Is there some kind of trick to this? Anyone that can tell me how this is done correctly?

Here are the file if it helps: helpondiscoursefolder.zip (21.0 KB)


I also tried opening the qbcl file but that was empty in all three (voxelshop, magica, stonevox)

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i have fixed it… or i at least found a way… i made the outfit in new matrixes from scratch and then made a third matrix to put the two others in. and it seem to do the trick.