QB 3 export problem

Hey guys,

got a strange problem but Im not able to solfe it myself.
I just changed the color of the 2-handed-sword.
And exported the 2 qb files like written in the tutorials.
But I get always this error:

Maybe some1 can help :blush:

i’m pretty sure you get that error if you export the models with compression turned on. so perhaps try re-exporting them and make sure compression is off and see if that fixes the issue.


these are (or at least used to be) the needed export options with qubicle,

  • Z-Axis: Right handed
  • Color Format: RGBA
  • Single Object: Depends (Yes for most files)
  • Hollow: No
  • Compression: No
  • Encode Visibility Mask: Yes

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast answer!
I did exactly the same as u wrote here.
Still the same error.
But… I use the Demo version from steam… is this my fault?

hmm… haven’t had a chance to try out the steam demo yet so i can’t say for certain, but that might be part of the problem…

if you want to use free alternatives to qubicle you could take a look at magicavoxel and voxelshop, they’re what i use and seem to do alright, even if voxelshop can be a bit problematic at times…

I just have these options in the demo version:

That are also my export settings.

hmm… don’t know if thats “correct” or not, maybe @Pandemic can help?

(sorry for the page, pandemic, you’re the only one on the forums that i know has Q3)

Wow that’s a poor choice for yes/no. Why folks think it’s cute to ditch words for color is beyond me…

Does seeing red mean “no” or does hiding the red but seeing green mean “no”?

Until someone else adds input, it can’t hurt to flip the compression and visibility mask switch. Perhaps they’re set to Yes, No which would be bad.

I’ve been using VoxelShop and get some pretty good results. Magicavoxel is good for quick and simple things, but anything complex you need VoxelShop for easy layer, copy/paste and rotation stuff.

I’d also just focus on making a change to one file at a time until you’re more practiced. Even if it’s just the iconic file. If you changed two files, put one of them back to their original state and focus on fixing one problem. :wink:

yes, its kinda strange with these switches. _
So…do i need the 75$ version?

sorry for my confusion, but the 75$ version of what?

I think the $75 dollars version is in reference to Qubicle. They have a base version available on steam (as of this post) for 20, with options to download additional content. utility mod $20, mesh mod $25, voxelizer mod, $25 and commercial license mod for $100. Or the full version for $175.

and an indie pack for $76

yes thats right.
I just dont get this, why there is a qb problem.
So I think about to buy it… but not sure if this will work >_<

Even when I just change a single brick and export the file as everybody says, I get this error.

yup, I did notice in the screenshot it was the demo version, so it might not have the right features or options available.

But as @8BitCrab stated it might be better to start off with magicavoxel or voxelshop, first before investing to much into a program you may not use very much. (don’t get me wrong) I hope you enjoy making voxels and make a lot of them but if this a new hobbie, cutting your teeth on something less expensive may be the best path.

I just recently began to make a few items and a little mod and I use maigcavoxel. I have not had any problems with it.

Just another thought. Can you upload the mod, it may be a .json issue related to the .qb. You can also verify your .json files at http://jsonlint.com/ I say this because I left out one } in the en.json when I was making my mod and StoneHearth would not even lauch.

What is the exact name of the file u talking about? :slight_smile: Or which file do i have to check? The whole “.smod”?

these are the .json files that would deal with the two handed sword.

Did you create a standalone mod or did you modify the ones in stonehearth.smod?

When I just change the json it works fine. But when I chance the qb file the chaos starts running. ;D
Checked both files. Both without problems.

Are u modding with QB?
For beginning I changed just stonehearth.smod.

But maybe… can I send u my 2 qb files and could u make a standalone of that?
Just for me to get into modding?

magicavoxel is the one I am using. I was able to create these items and put them in a mod.


This looks great!

Tell me… when I save the 2 qb files as a “.vox” could u use these then to make a standalone of it?

I can see what I do, I should be able to do that. but I am no Pandemic :grinning:

Awesome dude, thanks alot! :slight_smile:
Here r my two files:

two_handed_sword.zip (862 Bytes)