Possibly daft question about exporting models - help much appreciated!

Hi All

I’m trying to get into modding and have been playing around with the startermod items. Got them into the game, but then tried using Qubicle Basic to change the colours.

If I open a qb file, change colours, then save the game crashes to desktop complaing about model compression.

If I change colours then export as a qb then this happens:


(Ignore the shoddy editing, just coloured some parts to try to see if it was being rotated strangely!)

Please can someone point me in the right direction to fix this? I am guessing:
I need to change the export settings - but I’ve tried a few things and got nowhere and am now running out of time to refund from Steam if this isn’t going to work.
Or Qubicle Basic doesn’t handle this.

Sorry for probably basic question, but being totally new to voxel graphics I have no idea where to start #mightsticktocode

Thank you!

In the export options, you have to disable the compression. The game does not read compressed files.

For the misalignment, what happens if you shift the model in the editor and save? Does the new position happens in game too? If not, there should be another option for that too.
(You can shift an object through its json if needed, but it is way easier/better when the exported model is already centered)

There are free alternatives, like MagicaVox and VoxelShop.

Hi BrunoSupremo

Thank you so much! It turns out that I needed to save before exporting, and change the settings for both. I’d assumed that as the model was already in qb format - and I wasn’t moving it at all in the editor - that it would just keep its original positioning settings. Weird!

Anyway, I now have beautiful working sample fountains to play with, so thank you very much :slight_smile: I will check out the free voxel editors too :slight_smile:

also, i was told when exporting to .qb in qubicle, alsways save it right hand side, not left (and ofc non compressed) that should help with the allignment.

also, just to prevent sillyness: when exporting, double check what folder you are exporting to, qubicle tends to default to its internal forlders, not the folder you are modding in… (i made that mistake…)

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Also, for centering, seems that the Position numbers should be half the size numbers (excluding height), set negative. So for example:


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