Noob modding question

Okay so I’m totally new to this. My problem is that I’ve recoloured a tree as a first test run, and loaded it into the files. The game will start, go the the main menu, but when I try to create a new world, it gets stuck on the generating world loading screen.

is this because I can’t recolour trees in general, (as they’re not meant to be changed?) or is it something else?

Did you “recolour” the model in Qubicle? If yes, you have to pay attention that you export the file with the right settings:


Thanks for that speedy response VoxelPirate.

yes I did recolour it with qubicle and saved it as a qb file.

I just recoloured a bed and started a game and the carpenter produced the recoloured version okay. So I don’t think it’s that i saved it as the wrong file type as the bed works fine.

I wonder if it’s because trees aren’t moddable at the moment, because they’re generated by the game, not produced/harvested?

Any advice appreciated.

Trees are definitely moddable. Check the Candyland Mod which has a full terrain replacement.

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Thanks Tuhula I will check it out. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I just tested this out too. Recolored the ancient oak tree purple.

I think you are missing a trick on saving it as a .qb file. When the Qubicle Binary Export Settings window comes up, you must get the settings right. If you don’t get it right, the game will not handle it.

Z-Axis: Right-handed. If you use left-handed, the tree will be reversed in game.
Color Format: RGBA. If BGRA is used, it won’t be the right colors.
Single Object: Ticked if it a single object, unticked if you are exporting multiple objects as one qb file (especially if it’s a model that will be animated).
Hollow: Unticked, but no effect that I can tell.
Compression: Game will crash on load if ticked. Absolutely cannot handle compression.
Visibility Mask: Ticked, but no effect that I can tell.


Yeh I just figured out what I did wrong - I’d compressed the file when saving it in qubicle. Now it’s working for me too.

Thanks for the input - helpful.