Modding help -- png's and qb

Hey there!

I started making a mod and am having a few issues. When my item is showing in the carpenter crafting page, it has a white background. I was using Qubicle and when I rendered the model to make a png for it, the background I chose to be transparent, but it still showed up. Any ideas why?

Also, upon finishing the crafting of the item I created, the game crashed and gave me this line:

Assertion Failed: header.compression == COMPRESSION_NONE(…\source\lib\voxel\qubicle_file.cpp:67)

I am entirely new to the modding of this game so I don’t quite understand the error. I understand what it is referring to and all but I don’t know what the error is telling me. I exported the file as a .qb file and plopped it into my entities (–snipping rest of file path–) folder. The fact it’s crashing makes me realizes it’s reading it, which is a start.


Your export settings should be these. Don’t check compression else it wont work… as you’ve seen.

As for your png issue, its most likely a path issue in the recipe file.


Also if you’re doing a voxel model with more than one matrix (read: part/component) make sure that Single Object is unchecked.

I feel a little silly but I don’t see any export settings in Qubicle.

Any idea where those might be?

File>Export All (or Selection) When you save as a .qb you will get it as a pop up.

Unless you are using qubicle 2. Then its under Edit>Preferences>Qubicle Binary Export and make Data Compression ‘Red’

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@Froggy, I am using qubicle 2, I’ll try this out when I get a chance. Thanks so much!


Update: That Edit>Preferences>Qubicle Binary Export Data Compression ‘Red’ worked like a charm :smiley: Thanks! Time to go hog wild now that I have the basics down.

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i’ll be waiting… :smile: