Need help! Mod error!

So i’m completely new to modding, (I Bought Qubicle yesterday to edit base graphics of the game, Such as carpenter clothes, Etc), And I’ve been trying to play the game, But whenever i attempt to use these models (IE whenever i equip a hearthling with a carpenter saw), I get the error Stonehearth Assertion Failed: header.compression == COMPRESSION_NONE(C:\rb\ihome\root\SH-OB0-BUILD\stonehearth\source\lib\voxel\qubicle_file.cpp:67 . Now, Whenever i exported my files to the jobs/carpenter file, I used the export settings , And i was told that’s what i’m supposed to do. However, It doesn’t work.

Hey there @caninmyham, welcome to the Discourse! Those certainly look correct, but I’m not exactly a modeling expert. Perhaps @8BitCrab, @Wiese2007, or @Relyss has a better idea. (Somehow forgot to ping @Drotten :sweat_smile:).

That error suggested that the model was compressed… But your picture shows that option unchecked. I’m not sure, cause I don’t have qubicle… But we have this problem with similar softwares, like the one I use Voxelshop. There we also have to uncheck the compressing or it will give this same error.