Stonehearth model files

I enjoy animating, modelling, rendering ect… and I really wanted to make a stonehearth render. I was told that the stoneheart files were qubicle files, so I got the Qubicle demo, and is now ready for exporting the models into blender! But, I don’t know where to get the QB files from… I presume that it’s somewhere in the stonehearth folders, but I really can’t find them. Does anyone know (if they even are in the stonehearth folders) what folder they would be in. I use Windows 10 if that helps.

Go to the Stonehearth/mods folder, change the extension of stonehearth.smod to, and extract it.

There, most of the qb files are under the entities subfolders. Some are under jobs subfolders.


Thank you very much!

with the demo you cant export them into qb ^^ so your models are not possible ^^

like relyys has sayed the qbs are in the stonehearth.smod file (is an zip)

oh… :cry: Weellll, time to get experimenting :wink:

BUT ^^ like i remeber you can export them as voxel and then open them with voxelshop ^^

okay, I’ll try that out! Thanx :slight_smile:

When I export the files as obj’s, their textures appear blurry in blender, even though Mipmaps have been disabled in blender. What are the best export settings?

i think the color isnt important … at the end you only need the animation ^^ but im honest im not an export in blender ^^

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That… can be a hassle sometimes. I tend to just take my low-pixel texture into GIMP, scale it up 400% with the “linear” setting so it doesn’t blend pixels together, and then load that high-res texture back into Blender. I believe by default it uses distances relative to the image size rather than pixel locations for texture mapping, so as long as the new texture is the same ratio it should work.

I’ve never done this for a Stonehearth or Qubicle file, though.


thanx, I’ll definitely try that out!