Can someone help me with exporting this to qb?

Hello everyone, I have recently started to experiment with stonehearth files using Qucible Constructor and with the help of some helpful instructions I redesigned the steel mail, helmet and shield, however I can`t export them as qb files and the program informed me that I have to own the home or master version to use that feature. The home version which is the cheapest of the two costs 60,00 or R 240,00 where I live and that is sadly beyond what I can spend monthly…

So… I ask everyone reading this that owns a Qucible home or master version if they could take some of their time to export the files to qb format. It is just a redesign and I feel very uncomfortable asking this favor, but I would hate to see them go to waste. :sweat:

Also if you like the models feel free to use them in your game or mod.

Veruna Crusader.7z (6.9 KB)

Also if anyone wants to know how they look like:

The shield

The armor

The helmet

I think this is it then… I should have tried to export something before making stuff. :sob:

Have faith. I’m sure someone will come to help a fellow modeller. Right, someone?

hey there @John1,

i’ve moved it over to modelling so that hopefully someone with qubicle will see it, sorry i can’t be of much more help here as i don’t have Qubicle…

i use MagicaVoxel and VoxelShop for making my models, as they’re free and can export as .qb, so while i dont know if it will help save these models, perhaps you could use those programs for future modelling?

hope that helps in some way…

I would have liked to, if only for this one time because he didn’t notice he wouldn’t be able to export them. I don’t have the newest version of Qubicle, but it seems like I can’t even open the file, as we are not supposed to just use trial versions and use a full version to export it after. Digging too much into this is also unfair to the developer of Qubicle, who seemingly was also active and helpful in this community for some time. So, sadly his models seem “lost”.

Just to mention it, Qubicle launches on April 21 on Steam and is said to have a little discount then. No idea if it makes it a little more affordable, as I also think that the current price is a little high for modders who just occassionally create a few models.

Otherwise please use one of the free alternatives @8BitCrab mentioned. Haven’t used MagicaVoxel myself, but I have seen his models and it looks like it works out well enough.

Hey @8BitCrab ,

Thank you I do hope too. I don`t think the programs you mentioned will be able to import qbcl, I tried with MagicaVoxel, but I will try with Voxelshop.


It is okay, thank you for trying. My guess is that the problem has more to do with the files using the newest Qubicle version while you`re trying to access them with an older version, as for example if I made my models using the trial then I switched to the home version I still should be able to access my models, but I can be wrong.

I also saw some older posts about a Qucible Constructor Stonehearth Edition which could only export to qb but was a lot cheaper (around $10), but I can`t find it anywhere in their website.

After trying both MagicaVoxel and Voxelshop I think I will stick with the first, at least until Qubicle has a more accessible price.

I managed to create a statue with the program, I call it The Philosopher:

(He has no hands because I don`t know how to enlarge the frame).

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If by “frame” you mean model borders, look at the top of the window. To the right of the name, where it says 10 10 30.
This field is editable :wink:
But if your model will occupy several game squares, you should also edit its collision box in json.


i also prefer MagicaVoxel over voxelshop, however Magica doesn’t support multiple matrixes, so i have to use VoxelShop for armor and anything else requiring anims…

@MelOzone thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile:

I was also looking for a nice modder family to adopt my orphaned .qbcl file. :cry: Sorry if this should be a separate thread, but our situations were so similar - glad I searched first.

I made these models while waiting for the Steam version so I could export .qb. After purchasing the new version It turns out the standalone editor couldn’t do that. Object hierarchies were apparently too sophisticated so it just exported as matrix-less globs. There seemed to be a DLC purchase that would fix it ( trying not to rant about that. trying. so. hard.) but in the end I decided to move away from Qubicle.

I’m using some of the awesome open source tools now. Unsure where the StoneVox development stands - but it seems to handle my needs so far fingers crossed.

Anyhow, its worker uniforms for the Northern Alliance based on story book artwork (plus a rad mustache and battle-braids).

Nowhere near the amount or quality of work @John1 lost, but more thought was put into this than shows

Finally, here’s the .qbcl file, :smiley:

Northern_Alliance_Attempt.7z (11.9 KB)


Oh that is nice! I can see if I canonce I get my pcsetup again

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Hey @Ludocrat

I was waiting for the steam version too, but then I read the reviews and decided to not buy it…

I will try the tool you mentioned for my little mod. :smile:

We need a shell company so we can buy one copy for our ‘business’ and then hire everyone on the forums for a dollar. To Panama!

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