Simple mod, CTD bug

I’m making an ultra-simple mod: overriding the small juniper tree model with a birch tree I made. At this point, I am fairly sure I have the manifest written correctly. No .json files should be involved; only .qb files.

When I load the game and hit “Quick Start”, an error message pops up.

Title bar: "Stonehearth Assertion Failed"
Message: “header.compression == COMPRESSION_NONE”

The only button is “OK”, and hitting it crashes to desktop.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

You’re using a wrong qb file. Make sure you’ve disabled compression when saving it as .qb within Qubicle.

A complete how to export properly would be on the minddesk blog. Skip to “Export Settings for QB”.

Haha, success! Thank you!

Needs lots of polish but it WORKS!


If this is your first mod, welcome to the modding society! :smiley: if not :3 Keep on making little mods, add them in a skin pack, and who knows who’ll buy 'm :smiley:

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