Back in the modding game

Hey All,

Now I graduated with my bachelors and have grad school figured out to start in the fall I have some time to start modding again. Seems a lot has changed so can someone give me a run down of how the manifest is now laid out and how to make mixinto’s, alias and overrides work.



The only thing that has changed with the manifest definition is that info.version is now required and has to be 1, otherwise the mod is not being loaded.

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Welcome back :slight_smile: I hope to see some awesome stuff from you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pan I think there is more than that. .qb files no longer overwrite like they used to and looking at other mods that work the only thing in the manifests are .json refrences. Also putting the mod file into the mod folder doesnt seem to do anything. I cant even get it called by the game, do we now need to compress and .smod it?

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Never had the urge to do that, but make sure your reference is proper (use Jofferson to verify it). I’ve overriden JS just fine.

You did add info.version as I’ve said in my first post, right?


Post your manifest and your stonehearth.log, otherwise I can’t think of any way to help you.

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Thanks Pan, Ill have another crack on my own before I start having others read my code.

If you haven’t been here for a long time, I recommend you that you export your qb files with the Z-axis option in ‘Right handed’.

Other than that, just what RepeatPan said. Make sure that your references are correct, since the Stonehearth manifest changes every time they add new content to the game.

If your manifest is correct, the mod should load fine even if it’s not in .smod

Use to check for json errors too.