How do I load a mod other than "stonehearth.smod"?

I am attempting to make a mod, and I have 2 simple questions:

  1. How can I make a mod without directly changing the stonehearth.smod file? What are the necessary steps?
  2. If I have the mod in a separate file (separate from stonehearth.smod), how can I load it? Or will it load automatically?

I was unable to find the answers to these questions elsewhere, but if you have a link please share it.
Thanks in advance

1: You will have to make your own manifest. In there you will need to add the necessary aliases, mixinto’s and overwrites (depending on what you are adding). I suggest you take a look at some of the mods that already have been released to see the structure of the manifest.
After that, just zip all the files and make it a smod file.
2: It will be loaded automatically.

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these may not address your specific question, but they have a wealth of modding related information (although, some of it is out of date at this point)… so, in hindsight, this might be a complete bust! :smile:

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Just create a new directory and work inside that. The only thing really required is a manifest, which itself can be pretty plain. For a bunch of manifests (of outdated mods) you can check mine.. Ignore the steve_cannon entry.

SH will attempt to load any .smod and any directory inside of mods/. If there is a directory and a smod with the same name, the smod is preferred.

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