Farming Silkweed Missing Model Fix [R195]

This small mod fixes the missing ‘Mature Silkweed’ model for Stonehearth when farming the Silkweed.

How to install:

  1. Rename stonehearth.smod to and extract
  2. Download my mod and extract in the mod folder, the same location and the new stonehearth folder.
  3. Allow my mod to replace all files
  4. Delete the stonehearth.smod folder.
  5. (optional) Right click the stonehearth folder > send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.*
  6. (optional) Delete the stonehearth folder as it is no longer needed.*

Stonehearth Silkweed Farming Missing Model Fix

Now you will have no missing models while farming Silkweed.


Step 5 is optional because now the stonehearth.smod file is gone stonehearth will still read the folders contents, it just prefers the smod folder.
Step 6 is optional because now the stonehearth.smod file has been created from the zipped up folder, the game will ignore the folder and read from the smod file.


Instead of messing around with the stonehearth.smod I would much more recommend doing a standalone mod that overrides the faulty JSON in favour of a proper one.


If you don’t mind telling me how I’d accomplish that I’ll do that instead.

This thread should cover it. Basically, you create a manifest, define an override in it ("/stonehearth/foo/bar/silkweed.json" : "file(silkweed.json)" or similar) and you’re good to go. Note that you may need to use /stonehearth/complete/path/to/original/json instead of file(), i.e. file(foo) in the original JSON becomes /stonehearth/complete/path/to/original/json/foo.

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As a complete side note,

Having mods in a container format (.zip which the .smods actually are) is very important. While Stonehearth will load files in a directory, the separate IO reads to each file are significantly slower than a read of just one file, the .smod, and working with it right off the RAM.

For smaller projects this should not be such a big deal, but for the stonehearth.smod and it’s some 4,000 files it’s a significant slow down.

I would advise against any modder suggesting to leave mods in a file/folder structure. Always distribute your mods in .smod form.