Personal Mod Unrecognized by Stonehearth

So I’m starting to get into modding for stonehearth, so I made a little test mod for voxel and art tests and I just now have spare time to code it. I looked at other mods for reference and all looked good, I checked through JSONLint and it gave me the ok on my manifest, but the game refuses to recognize the mod :sob:. It just doesn’t appear in the Mod “manager” in settings. I have any idea what may be wrong. I would greatly appreciate any help and if the files are needed ill upload them.

Thanks in advance

Edit:Added thefiles (122.2 KB)

First, the version in your manifest should be 3. That is not the version of your mod, that is the version of the game modding api. This is important because wrong versions are not loaded as they are considered outdated.

Then on your crop lifering .json you need a few more things.
Check another crop from the game to compare.

In your initial_crops file you need to change
This is because there is no kingdom named rayya in the stonehearth mod, but there is in the rayya mod.

But the main reason for your mod not working is that in the all_crops file, you named you mod with a typo: herbalisttexpansion :arrow_left: double T

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I did all the stuff you mentioned, but it still shows up in the game like this

Perhaps try checking the box? (Assuming yours is the container mod)

No, mine isn’t the container mod. I added that to make sure that mods would be recognized by the game, forgetting that the game itself is built as a required “mod”