Help creating a new playable kingdom

Hi all,

I am using the Rayya’s Children mod as an example to create a new playable kingdom. I am stripping out everything but what I think are the bare bones essentials. However when I run stonehearth and start a new game, my kingdom is not displayed. There are no errors in the terminal window either. Is there any way to get more information as to what is going on?

Thanks in advance

Is your mod version 2 at your manifest? (This is a requirement to work)
Did you added it into the playable_kingdom_index.json? Look how Rayya made it. It is a file you will mixinto in the default list of kingdoms through your manifest.

Thanks for the reply!

I set my mod to version 1 as I didn’t know it had an impact. However changing it didn’t seem to make a difference. I already has the playable kingdom mixinto, as it was all copied from rayya initially. Here is my current manifest. Like I said it is very bare bones, but perhaps I removed something I needed.

“info” : {
“name” : “chinchy_elves”,
“version” : 2
“default_locale”: “en”,
“aliases” : {
“kingdoms:chinchy_elves” : “file(data/chinchy_elves_population.json)”,
“mixintos” : {
“stonehearth:playable_kingdom_index” : “file(data/ce_playable_kingdom_index.json)”,
“stonehearth:farmer:initial_crops” : “file(data/ce_initial_crops.json)”,
“overrides” : {

Did you edited ce_playable_kingdom_index content to reflect your kingdom?
It should be something like this:

"kingdoms": {
	"chinchy_elves" : "chinchy_elves:kingdoms:chinchy_elves"

I did. Thanks for the help!

It turns out the manifest had an error. There are commas at the end of lines where there shouldn’t be. I used a JSON validator to find them finally.

I thought about mentioning it, but I guessed it would not be a problem… Sorry :sweat_smile:
For a moment I thought the game would not mind the last commas.