Kingdom name doesnt show

So i am trying to slowly start to code my new kingdom, and i am already facing one problem… The name/info doesnt show in game. I have looked over and over, and i am prob missing something silly, could anybody help me?

do you have the following line in the manifest?
“default_locale”: “en”,

hmmmm, and saved as a .json?

yeah, everything is .json ‘-’

hmmmmmm :thinking: could try with the files…
also, why base mod true? i believe that’s for stonehearth.smod and radiant.smod only (not related with your name)

I am kind copying the rayyas, because i dont know how to make this from nothing

haha, did the same for my mod
you could try using Jofferson to check if the pathing is going were you want
that one is (i think) a program a modder developed to make our lifes easier :blush:

also use jsonlint to check your files are valid
this other one is a web page

can’t find anything wrong there…
tried restarting the game? i do that to check every change i made

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i did, serveral times… hmm

If anyone there, wanna take a look in the file…

kyuuryouchitai.smod (952.6 KB)

I am pretty sure, its gonna be something silly…

lets see hahaha
lol, by some reason it fails to load the en file:
resources | Error reading file kyuuryouchitai/locales/en.json:
checking now

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as weird as i don’t know what…
used compare with notepadd++ and found almost no difference. only tabs…
i believe there is some character that the game finds wrong but looks the same to the others…

file edited using my own en as base:
en_working.txt (833 Bytes)

original file of the mod:
en_not_working.txt (812 Bytes)

i would request some help in finding the ascii/what the %#%# is the character (hi) that is unreadable in the not working file…

so @berutty i believe you typed a character that looks exactly the same to most programs but not to the game :thinking:

just realized the size is not the same… and don’t believe those are only tabs…


Which is weird, since i copied almost everything from rayyas ‘-’

Thank you so much!

try first and if it works then :beers:

ohh also you might want to remove the “base mod” line to allow players to play without your mod too hahaha :wink:

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changed to json right? and the name to en.json?

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let me try, i just copied and pasted in the other en.json


Prob my file had problems… not the code…