Back again but stuck (SOLVED)

Hello again, i`ve been away for…ok 2 years now
but i got back to stonehearth and the modding of course

so i began to create a new mod…beginning with content as always
so i created some qb`s for my needed mining resources mixintoed them into the mining loot table wrote al the json files and my manifest…

ok the first problem is:
i cant get the i18n system to work i created my own en.json...and built that like ive read in assassin mod and scholar mod.
i inserted the “default_locale”: “en” into my manifest
checked everything with jsonlint and jofferson but the display.names and descriptions are not showing up ingame

first try:
“stonehearth:catalog”: {
“display_name”: “i18n(chabonit_mod:entities.resources.raw_amber.display_name)”,
“description”: “i18n(chabonit_mod:entities.resources.raw_amber.description)”,
“icon”: “file(raw_amber.png)”,
“is_item”: true,
“category”: “resources”,
“material_tags”: “stockpile_raw_amber raw_amber resource”

then i just entered the display_name and description direct into the .json
"chabonit_mod:catalog": {
“display_name”: “Test Text”,
“description”: “It works”,
“icon”: “file(raw_obsidian.png)”,
“is_item”: true,
“category”: “resources”,
“material_tags”: “stockpile_ore raw_obsidian ore resource”

But nothing shows up i can select the items ingame but no text.

The en.json parts look like this:
“entities” {
“resources”: {
“raw_amber”: {
“display_name”: “Raw amber”,
“description”: “A undiscovered spark.”

it feels like im missing something very basic but cant figure it out.
Any hint would be nice.

Welcome back! I don’t know you since i came here about a year and a half ago, but welcome back!

Bet @Wiese2007 can help you with this, i didn’t have the time to actually make all the links to my mod, but he did point me to how to do it, also he’s awesome at it!

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it`s like the old days. Every time i open a topic and asking for help it is the beginning of the road for solutions.

First step solution:
I used absolute paths in the minin_loot_table.json instead of aliases. So some parts in in the resource.jsons are jumped

i`m on it not 100% solved but on the road again

rewrote my mining_loot_table.json

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ok …ehm…sry to have bothered you after 2 days of frustrating search i solved it