[Modding] Trouble with New Kingdoms

Hi all, I’ve been looking into modding a race into Stonehearth, one I’ve recently made for RimWorld.

I’m having some trouble with a fatal memory error when I try to make my faction only use the model for the face I’ve created.

I copied the Rayya’s Children smod and found+replaced(+fixed the resulting errors) everything to my own prefixes. For whatever reason I’m sure the error is somewhere in this file:


Is it actually possible to do a mixin to a custom def or am I being dumb?


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I realised that that file affects hair, not faces - possibly why I was having trouble with this.

Even so, how am I able to add a face type for a kingdom specifically?

What error?
What you mean by faces? Like in the customization screen where we change colors, hair and facial hair? You need a 5th option?
And I personally found it easier to start from scratch than using Rayya. This way it was easier to test, else there are so many interconnected files giving all sorts of errors that I couldn’t fix them all.

No, I mean replacing the default human head for this race with one I’ve made.

The hearthlings are constructed this way:

  "model_variants": {
     "default": {
        "models": [

So all you need is to change the head.qb with a model of your choice.


Alright, I’ll try it out tonight, thanks. Is there a specific place this needs to be defined, and does it use mixins?

That was a piece of the file /entities/human/male/male_1.json
The model variants always go inside the components section of the json

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