[HELP]Trying to add a new kingdom, need help!

Ive been trying to get this mod to work for some time and Im currently stuck, was wondering if someone could take a look at it and tell me where I screwed up.

Any help is welcomed.

Many things observed, @cole3050 :slight_smile:

First of all you have errors on your manifest.json :

  • The version must be 3
  • You have to remove extra commas at the end of "ga_camp_standard_ghost": "file(entities/gizmos/ga_camp_standard/ga_camp_standard_ghost.json)",
    and at the end of "stonehearth:farmer:initial_crops": "file(data/ga_initial_crops.json)",
    (you can use http://jsonlint.com/ to look for syntax errors in your json files)

Then, on your client script you are missing the trace_player_service() function. Just copy it from the rayyas_children script. However, you don’t need this script to load the mod, so just remove the “client_init_script” : “file(Principality_of_Gallia_client)”,`` line from your manifest (at the moment you don’t really need this script, unless you plan to make a separate mod that will only load when your kingdom is chosen).

Check your population.json file for errors with jsonlint (it has extra comma somewhere).
Also, your population file is pointing to a job:index that doesn’t exist. Either add it to your mod (an alias in your manifest pointing to a file in your mod) or just use "stonehearth:jobs:index" instead.

From there on just fix localization issues. There seems to be also an issue about the sound, but fixing all these errors is enough for now :slight_smile:

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Ok So I went and made the changes, I removed the “client_init_script” : “file(Principality_of_Gallia_client)”, and add “stonehearth:jobs:index”(I’ll add my own job list later down the road)
but it seems there another issue I’ve over look something any idea if theirs something I might be missing?

Have you updated your mod in Dropbox with the fixes?

No I’ll do that now.

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Your ga_camp_standard_ghost.json has the same content than ga_camp_standard, which is wrong and will cause issues.

Look at the ascendancy or rayyas camp_standard_ghost.json to have an idea on what to put there.

Finally, it seems that with the addition to music by kingdom, there’s a new file that you need to make a mixinto for: it’s stonehearth/data/sounds/sound_constants.json.

With this I think you’ll be ready to tweak your kingdom. Nice banner, by the way! :smiley:

op lol I must have opened the wrong camp standard and saved without noticing.

Ok so I took a look at how rayyas does the new kingdom sounds mixinto and copied it as a place holder, yet I’m still not able to see the mod in the kingdoms selection page.
I updated the dropbox

Im sorry about asking so much of you, Im hoping in the future to need less help :stuck_out_tongue:

I just downloaded this last file and your kingdom appears here…

The third kingdom is one I am crating, the fourth is the true rayya.

This is so weird its not showing for me

Ok this is confusing the heck out of me

hmm… do you have any other mods installed that could perhaps be interfering with it?

Not sure if related, but it is a good practice to use all lower case in your folder and file names (and variables). It is less confusing too as it follows the main mod standard.

What mods do you have? Deactivate them all and try only the base game with your mod. If it works, then it is probably because one of the other mods were bugging it.

This makes no sense…

strange, works for me too :confused: perhaps try removing the mod from your mods folder and replacing it with the version from the last download link your provided

Its the same version, I checked I even downloaded it and just made it a smod and its saying the manifest is wrong…

hmm… this is really weird, just to double check, what version of the game are you running?

I guess it is the newest as it is the only with mod manager.

Are you running through a .smod? Cause I only tested it in folder format, not .smod.

Invalid manifest?.. What are you using to edit it? And what language your system (or keyboard) is? I ask because maybe the file format is not correct, or maybe there is a hidden character from your language in it?

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smashes head violently into keyboard
It just doesn’t work as a .smod , sorry for being dumb…
any idea why this would be the case?

that’s really odd… only thing i can think of is the uppercase letters in the mod name :confused: