Need help with my manifest

so i was making a mod for stonehearth and ive made one before that maximises all hearthling attributes to 666 :imp: and i made the manifest perfectly everything was cool.

im working on something to modify the travelers store by adding things and gold… my .json works but i wanted to make it into an actual mod, instead of inside the stonehearth.json file itself… im sure any updates in the future will wipe my mod but i cant seem to get my head around what ive done wrong… if anyone could look at the manifest and tell me how to fix it you will have my love!

“info”: {
“name” : “Shoppe”,
“description” : “Start with 500 gold and bonus items in the store!”,
“version” : 3

“mixintos”: {
“stonehearth:ui:data:embark_shop.json” : “file(/ui/data/embark_shop.json)”

Remove the first dash / from “file(/ui/data/embark_shop.json)”

Using a dash at the start is common to point to the root, but not in this case. The “file()” is always relative to where it is being used, in your case, the manifest is using it so it is relative to its folder.

strange how the first forward slash is on my 666 mod and it works for my earlier mod but not my latter mod, neither with or without the forward slash

still doesnt work… ive checked the directories and theyre fine.
strangely the backslash i put in the previous mod i mentioned didnt need to be removed.


“mixintos”: {
“stonehearth/ui/data/embark_shop.json” : “file(ui/data/embark_shop.json)”

If it doesn’t work, the problem is not from here I think


you have my love, I am now carrying your child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Lol, that was exactly what I told you to do. What did you understand from that?

he told me to use all back slashes… you didn’t tell me to turn my colons into slashes… did you understand that? :slight_smile:

“stonehearth:ui:data:embark_shop.json” was what he got wrong. Looks like you were telling him to fix something in the other half of the line (which probably didn’t actually need fixing).