Item crashes my mod

Well soo i am making a mod and encountering some problems here and ther but i have 1 now i just cant find the origin from. I literaly have no clue what this causes. i just added like any other item i added until now.

So here is the file: Dropbox - yangarmoury.smod

this is my total mod who works just fife but the moment i replace my recipes.json and manifest.json with the new versions that are located next to them it loads the game and then just wont load the ui or let any one work. The game does not completele crahes cause stonehearth is still running.
normally in the corner of the screen the 64x text thing and after that the people start walking and the ui will be loaded. this just does not happen at all. It just stays at looking at static hearthlings.

I have tried replacing the files with one of my exciting items and then the ui tries to load and the 64x appears but it gives the level_requierment error pops up and the ui wont load any further. That error just does not give me any info on what is wrong.

if someone with more experience could look in my files what is wrong i would be really greatfull.

the problem could be in:

all other files work just fine

Thanks in advance!

I know that a single left out “,” in a .json can cause the game not to load or to crash.

@Yangzhoui I do not know if you use a .json checker or not so I just wanted to mention which checks .json files for structure. Helped me many times, and in case someone else is having a similar issue and did not know that there is a resourse like this.
I like JSONLint but there may be other .json validators out there as well.

I copied and pasted your manifest text into it and received this result

There should be a { before “info”: and an extra } at the end.

yea i check every thing with json lint and everything gave this message
Valid JSON

with the sceenshot you sended you forgot to include the first and last { }

this is why i am asking on the forums cause i just cant find any thing wrong wwith it while it still not works.
all files are saved on UTF-8

but thanks anyway ^¢^

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:dizzy_face: Yup, doubled checked. That was my mistake I copied and pasted incorrectly from your file. It was my mistake.

Thought I had found something for you, but was wrong

No problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no hard feelings
I have checked my files more then 6 times and am still clueless so i dont blame anyone for not knowing xD

but to other people out there i still havent found the sulution just yet.

Think I found it.

the gravis_sword_recpie.json file should be gravis_sword_recipe.json check this to see if it is the reason.

this is in the jobs/blacksmith/recipes

Thanks for the notice and i would have hoped that would be it but i was already worried it wouldnt since i have recreated the files at least 3 times so i would have spelled it right one of the times.

its good to know and i fixed it but the mod is still not working :c
i really apriciate that you are helping searching trough my files!
If i can i will return the favor :3

also the gravis_sword_sword_iconic.json should be gravis_sword_iconic.json
located at enitities/weapons/gravis_sword

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Well i be damned that fixed it! thank you very much kind sir.
I really hate dyslexia. i just dont see those mistakes. even if i read the thing more then 10 times xD

thanks again i have been searching for almost 2 hours trying to fix it.

with those two changes I now have more weapons in my armory

Just had to drink some coffee to get going, that was the reason for my first mistake. :grinning:

yup and i found that i made a type probably at the wood resource cause he shows that you need 3 items who are not found. i will fix that and upload version 0.4 to my mod page!
Cant thank you enough!

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One place to check for additional info on errors is the games logfile. Sometimes, it does contain some helpful stuff… and sometimes not. Still worth a check. Just thought I mention it. Good luck with your endeavours @Yangzhoui.

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