Trouble Making Mods!


here are my mods until now : Dropbox - modpack.rar
but something happened and the debugtools don’t load and don’t find my mods so (The game don’t find too)
if anyone who know make mods please can you make a mod for my pack – Model and Mod Pack V2.0! (discontinued)?
or Tell me About The error,What’s happening to i resolve.

Hey @Mine_Tutorials, I found a few problems in your mod.

  • In manifest.json: version should have the value 1, always. This is the game’s API version, and I suspect you were using it to describe your mod’s version instead.
  • The filename for hearthling_maul_equipped.json is misspelled. (It’s currently called hearthling_equipped.json)
  • You need to add these lines among your mixintos to make your recipes available:
      "stonehearth/jobs/mason/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(recipes/mason/recipes.json)",
      "stonehearth/jobs/blacksmith/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(recipes/blacksmith/recipes.json)"

The weapon models are pretty snazzy looking! :+1: