Game wont start after edited models

Hello i just started to learn modding the stonehearth files and read a bit here on the forums

So what i have done so far is to take the stonehearth.smod extract it to a folder then with Magickavoxel i opened the QB Model for a medium oak tree i changed few parts on it just to see if i could see it ingame.

i exported it with this in the picture and replaced the original QB in the folder of the tree

After this i made the folder into an .zip file again and with extensions enabled i changed .zip to .smod i have the new .smod in the Mod folder but it refuses to start.

I tried to do the exact samething with the Archipelago mod just to see if it would work with that. Then the game starts but i cant select the biome.

What rookie mistake am i making here?

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When you zip the folder, what ends up inside the zip? You must see just the folder there, not the folder contents. The folder name must be exactly the same as the .zip name.
Also, the folder must be compacted into a .zip. Not .rar or .7zip and then changed to zip, that will not work.

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This is how the zip file looks after i have used WinRAR to make it into

Winrar settings for making the zip

It is correct. Maybe you stonehearth.log will show the error.

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Did you also rename it into Stonehearth.smod before starting Stonehearth again?

Edit: nvm; I now see this:

But, if you open up the stonehearth folder within your zip-folder, do you see another folder namned stonehearth or do you see the manifest file and all the folders?

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I’m really confused to why it does not work since i seen so many other people on the discourse that done it the same way.


You don’t need to zip+rename the mod folder. It’s a little slower to load, but a lot less painful when developing to have it as just a folder.

As for the game not starting, stonehearth.log can probably reveal the reason.


This is my stonehearth log says it cant find a lot of stuff
stonehearth.log (38.7 KB)

To me, it seems you have a file structure looking like this: > stonehearth > stonehearth > “manifest and all important folders”

What you want is this: > stonehearth > “manifest and all important folders”

cough also, the Spiros_window_mod is out-dated or something.
This is not causing your crash, but the log says it needs to be updated :slight_smile:

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Thanks man now it’s launching :slight_smile:
gonna remove spiros for now

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Any time, @Banto!
Now that you’re a professional modder, I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table down the line! :wink:

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:smiley: looking forward create some stuff and experiment and breaking the game of course! :exploding_head:

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Sounds good to me! :slight_smile:

Breaking the game a bit is required in order to learn, yes? :wink:
Best of luck and enjoy your times!

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